Friday, May 12, 2017

Jiggle on......


5:45 am - Friday - 44º F, 75% humidity, wind 15 mph out of the south......cloudy with light rain....forecast high for today is 48º F.  Heard the wind in the trees all night long, and can hear it now as I write.

I had very good intentions of returning to my fence project Thursday, but you don't always get what you want.  TLE and I reported for work at 7:30 am per our usual routine.  After 'clocking in' I rode my bike down to the maintenance yard to pick up the Ranger cart, and open up the various sheds.  I picked up the chain saw and post hole digger fully intending to head back to my fence project after giving my 'Ranger Crew' their assignments, but then I noticed how many piles of pine cones and needles there were blocking the pool area entrance so my plan changed, for the moment.  I brought down the Case loader and Ford dump truck so Art and I could pick up those piles when he came on duty at 11 am, and then I started to head out to the Group Area to get back to fence I came even with the Ice House I remembered that TLE had asked me to open it up and see if it needed to be cleaned before we turn it on for the season, so I stopped and did just is what I found when I opened the door....

 Wait, what?

Ice bags were left on the conveyor belt, also

......'someone' apparently thought it was a good idea to leave about 40 bags of ice in the Ice House to melt when 'they' shut it down in November.....the result?  Well, it is still very damp in there, and over the winter some mildew has accumulated on some of the surfaces necessitating that we now do a thorough cleaning and somehow 'kill' all the mildew.  At any rate cleaning out all the damp plastic bags, and getting a large box fan to blow dry air into the Ice House so it will dry out took me the better part of an hour.

By the time I finished with the Ice House exercise it was 11 am and Art was now on duty, so we began the task of loading all the pine cones and needles on the Ford dump with the Case Loader.....that took me until well after 12 pm, and then it was time to pick up TLE at the office and go to lunch.

By the time I returned to work at 1 pm I was being swept along by events of the day, which I will go into at a later, more appropriate time.   Then it was time to attend our weekly supervisors' meeting with our manager Miguel at 2 pm, which was delayed 10 minutes at a time until it was going on 3 the time the meeting was done it was pushing 4 pm, and time for me to begin to return the equipment check out by moi to the maintenance yard.....the chainsaw, post hole digger, Case loader, and Ford dump.

I arrived home just as TLE was was an interesting day, and I know you will find it interesting, too, when I am able to relate the new developments here at TVC at a later date.  Life will go on, and we will adjust......welcome to the party Mr. Jello!

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  1. Days like those are usually quite interesting a fly by pretty quick. Guess there is always tomorrow.

  2. Best laid plans of mice and men. how many times during our day do we get distracted from one thing onto doing 6 others! Even more so for you with a park to look after. sounds like you'll never run out of work.


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