Thursday, May 25, 2017

Feeling interested.....


5:46 am - Thursday - 40º F, humidity 63%, wind - CALM - clear skies.....forecast high for today is 66º F.

Wednesday was a wonderful weather day!  For the first day since we arrived at TVC I did not wear gloves, or a watchcap to work.....that my friends is noteworthy and remarkable.....hence I am noting and remarking!

Near the end of the day on Tuesday I had begun to create a new 'G' sign designating the direction to that camp.  Sometime during this past winter our original sign disappeared into the ether.  Those who know me well know, factually, I have no artistic ability, let along a sense of proportion.  On top of that the proper 'art' tools are not available in the maintenance sheds.....I found a small paint brush which I utilized to paint the 'G', and the arrow.....the blue border I free handed,  while the arrow was created using blue masking tape to create the arrow shape, and then I added paint into the shape.....the 'G' I drew on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, then cut out and then traced around the edges to get the basic 'G' shape......I the overall scheme of things it came out surprisingly well.....what do you think?

Turn left to Section G

All the while Johnny was repainting the parking space lines in front of the office/store, and Eric and Rosie were continuing their efforts to spruce of the 'Dog Park'.  They installed one of the two new Doggie Waste Stations near the Dog Park entrance......

......painted a weather beaten picnic table back to new like condition......

......added a couple of chairs with a tree stump for a table......

......they removed a lot of brush, raked all the paths, lined the paths with trees we felled last summer, and fixed the gate.  While I was taking a tour of the improvements a few customers passed through thanking us for the work we have done.  

While my inspection was in progress I received a call from Miguel (our manager) that there was an old rusty post (see below) that he wanted spray painted yellow so it would look better, and also be more visible to pedestrians.  I had already located a can of yellow spray paint and there was just enough to cover the post completely....

.....I don't always remember to take pictures as I am going about my job, so I'll recap the rest of the day verbally.  Art was on duty by 11 am and went directly out to the entry way to continue spreading wood chips.  Later in the afternoon Eric and Rosie joined us in that endeavor.  I went and got the Case loader, while Art picked up the Ford flatbed/dump so we could load some more chips and move them to strategic locations for more spreading.  By 3:30 I had to begin winding down as my 8 hour day was coming to an end.  My 'Ranger Crew' got a lot done Wednesday, and without them I could not have gotten it all done.  

Our official grand opening is scheduled for Friday afternoon when we will have a 'Ribbon Cutting' ceremony to officially open TVC for the summer season.  It has been just over one month since TLE and I arrived for another season at TVC, and so much has been accomplished.  The campground looks the best is ever has at this point in time, and our seasonal workers and doing a wonderful job.....I could not be more proud!

Meanwhile the Maintenance Crew was busy repairing potholes left over from a very harsh winter, and repairing our dump station.  Pete, our golf cart maintenance guy, put my Ranger Cart in an enclosed trailer and drove it down to Sierra Golf Cart in Reno, NV to be repaired.  I'm hoping we'll have it back next week.  Pete has managed to resurrect two other golf carts and put them back in service.

Michael and Mary (Activity Directors) invited us to travel over the Stardust Lodge near Stateline to preview a musical performer (Fabrizio) they are thinking about hiring to appear at TVC a few times this summer......


......normally, weather permitting, they have a large tent set up outside, but this night Fabrizio was performing in the Activities Center at the lodge.  In all we had 9 employees, including Miguel, from TVC, so it was a packed house.  All 9 of us thoroughly enjoyed Fabrizio's 2 hour performance, and it looks like we will have him under contract soon.

We were home about 9:15  and unwinding from a very profitable more work day before our Grand Opening, and we are just about ready.  I am, as you might have noticed, feeling more interesting this morning.....thank you for your patience, and thank you for stopping by!

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