Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hanging in the balance........

This the post I delayed in posting earlier today, but in light of recent developments I am now posting it......tomorrow will be even more interesting....stay tuned!

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Sometimes you have to admit you have played out your string, and it's time to move along, but making the decision to move along is difficult on many levels. Among the people we recruited to work here at TVC this summer is one person who has become the proverbial rotten apple that will spoil the whole barrel if they are not removed, and that is the battle that TLE and I are fighting right now.  This person, apparently, spends a large part of each day spreading lies about us, and attempting to undermine us at every turn all the while making themselves out to be the victim.  I haven't run into this sort of personality in a long time, and am so disappointed in myself for missing the signs during the multiple conversations I had with this person during the interview process.  As I look back I can see all the subtle warning signs, but I flat out did not recognize them for what they were.  

At any rate, they were hired, and now we are reaping the whirlwind for that bad decision.  There is no doubt (there should have been, in retrospect) in my mind as I write this morning that we will prevail, but that it is taking so long to convince those above us that this person has to go, and quickly, is disappointing, and a little demoralizing.  I guess the question is do we want to spend a few more weeks waging this war, losing sleep, or is it time to roll our wheels along to another job. We have a couple of other job possibilities at other parks, so we are going to take 4 days off beginning Thursday to explore those options.  I can't believe it has come to this, but we may find ourselves working out the summer at another location.  There was a time back in my workaday life when I would gladly have taken on this battle and prevailed, but we are retired.   Our peace of mind, and happiness is more important to us at this stage of our lives than waging a battle within a corporate structure to remove a very, very bad employee.  If we are not having fun, and we are certainly not having fun right now, what is the point, right?

Please don't get me wrong.....the rest of our employees are wonderful.....the kind of people with whom you not only enjoy working, but socializing.  We feel a strong obligation to the balance of the 20 some folks we recruited not to abandon them, and that is the dynamic tension with which we struggle on the last day of May, 2017 as we ponder our future here at TVC.  

From our first workamping days at Amazon in Campbellsville, KY back in 2012 when I began to blog daily about our experiences there it has always been my intention to never sugarcoat our experiences, but to give my readers the unvarnished reality of all our work experiences.  I know I have painted a pretty picture of life here at TVC over the past few years, and on balance that is what is has been.  Nonetheless, there are times in every endeavor in life when you wonder what the heck you are doing, and why you are subjecting yourself to loss of sleep, anguish, and let's face it, simmering anger at seeing your integrity, honor, and reputation under attack on a daily, if not hourly basis.

To be fair, the tide is turning (actually, not so much as time would tell), and many who thought we were the bad guys are now seeing this person for the fraud they are, but that it took so long for people we thought knew us as people of honor and integrity to realize they were being duped, when it should never been in question in the first place is disheartening.   Why is it that human nature loves to believe the worst about others, especially when everything you have done in the past contradicts the story line being promulgated by this narcissistic, sociopathic twit?

We have never been quitters, and the thought of quitting TVC sticks in my craw, but sometimes you come to that point where you can not, should not, may not subject yourself any longer to this kind of abuse.  What will we do?  I have no idea this morning.  I hope it becomes clear sometime during our 4 day hiatus..........

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  1. The aggravation is not worth it. Sounds like it's time to pack up and move on, life is too short to deal with this kind of stress.

  2. Yes...As George says..When retired we don't need this "quack"..Move on and be happy..'They" will find out what they have lost...Too late..too bad...


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