Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The New Guard.......


6:00 am - Tuesday - 32º F, 86% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south.....partly cloudy skies with a forecast high of 67º F.

As I was walking to work Monday I spied a 2014 Newell......46' long, 4 slides, steerable tag.....about 720 square feet of living space....

2014 Newell

......I also spied trash on the ground around the dumpster in Section E.......

......so I already know before I reach the office to clock in that my first job of the day will be picking up garbage courtesy our local bear population......hmmmm.    There was still a small amount of residual snow on the ground around the Newell, and there was a definite bone chilling cold in the air after our weekend weather front had passed through.

After clocking in I rode my bike down to the maintenance yard to pick up the Ranger cart, buckets, pickers, and a few rakes for my Ranger Crew so they could pick up the trash around the dumpsters in Section G and return to cleaning the area around the office, playground, pool and horseshoe pits.

Our pool service arrived Monday to continue the process of opening our pool for the season.  They were here last week reassembling the filters and pump in the pump room, and Monday they would be pressure washing the pool prior to filling it.

After delivering the required tools to my Ranger Crew I drove the Ranger cart back to the maintenance yard to first retrieve the flatbed dump truck, and then the Case loader so we could begin loading the pine cones and pine needles and hauling them out to the back 40 where they will be spread out on the ground to decompose.

By 11 am I had shed my jacket as it was finally warm enough, and I spent most of the morning after picking up the garbage around the dumpster in Section E operating the Case loader to load the pine cones/pine needles on the flatbed dump and then driving the flatbed dump out to the overflow area to dump same.  At some point I glanced down at the fuel gauge on the flatbed dump, then took a double take when I noticed the needle just barely hovering above the ubiquitous 'E' for EMPTY.....since I have no idea how EMPTY that really is I immediately contact Miguel, our manager, to ask for the company credit card so I can drive over to the local fuel station to refuel.  As it turns out the only gauge on the dashboard of this slightly ancient flatbed dump that still works is the fuel indicator.....nothing else works, which doesn't really matter as the only time the truck is taken off campus is to refuel, and the fuel station is about 500 yards from the entrance to TVC.

4 pm and the end of my work day came much too quickly.....I love it when the time just melts away......that means I'm having fun, and that is my goal this year, not only for myself, but for my Ranger Crew.  So far we are all having fun, and that makes me happy.

TLE and I headed over to John and Deb's for happy hour just after I arrived home.....John and Deb are beginning their fourth summer here at TVC.....just as we are.  We are now the senior seasonal workers here at TVC.  John and Deb had just arrived at TVC Sunday afternoon, and we hadn't had a chance to talk yet.  We sat talking about the summer to come, and about those who are no longer with us......the 'Old Guard' has now retired after years of seasonal service here at TVC, and we are now the 'New Guard' trying to begin a new tradition of seasonal workers returning to TVC year after year......I believe we're off to a good start!

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  1. Nice when the days just fly by.
    That is one huge Newel, much too big and rich for our blood tough.

  2. Glad you've had a good start. Sometimes a changing 'of the Guards' is a great thing and I'm sure you will make it fun for the ranger crew too. Love the shiny Newel. I'd love to see pictures of yours inside, never been in one.


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