Friday, May 19, 2017



5:55 am - Friday - 32º F, humidity 85%, wind 3 mph out of the west southwest.....sunny skies again......forecast high is 65º F.

Thursday was a lot like Wednesday, which was a lot like Tuesday.......working to get the campground ready for Memorial Day.  The big difference with Thursday was that over 20 of our seasonal staff had driven down to Modesto to attend an Equity Lifestyles, Inc. corporate workshop, so we had just a skeleton crew on duty.  

I spent most of the day working on the Group Area fence, which entailed me searching for more fence rails, snaking them out of the woods, hauling them to the fence site, cutting them to length, then installing them.  The process is taking me much longer than I anticipated, but I am enjoying the process.  As things stand as of the end of Thursday I am about 1/2 done.

We have finally entered the much anticipated 'warming trend.......the next 15 days will see temps in the 60's and 70's with a lot of sunny skies......time to break out the flip flops, shorts and t-shirts (FFS & T) once again..........maybe.

As I was dropping off my cart for the day Adam (maintenance manager) mentioned he had no rear brake on the mountain bike he rides to work everyday.  I suggested he bring his Jamis MTB over to my trailer when he had time and I would fix it for him......I have a supply of shift and brake cables I have saved from bikes I have dismantled over the years for just this purpose.  

We also received a big box from Amazon containing a new Duraflame Quartz fireplace(fake flames)/heater which we will initially use in the trailer when my son and his fiance visit us over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.......

I love the ambiance of this heater! 

......I was in the process of setting it up when Adam dropped off his MTB, so I stopped what I was doing and got to work on his bike.  Brake cables come in 6' lengths, and then you cut them to the proper length for the application......the longest used one I had was 5' 6", and I needed one 5' 8".....doh!  So, I had to drive over to the local bike shop to pick up a cable for Adam.....I ended up buying 4 of them so I would have a few in reserve.  Once I had a cable long enough the rest was short work, and I was returning his bike to him about 30 minutes later.

While I was occupied TLE drove over to Raley's to pick up the half & half she forgot the day before, and whilst she was there found a nice filet for me to grill......before I got the BBQ going we decided to have another fire and enjoy the early evening air.......

.....when the weather begins to warm up as it is right now it is quite idyllic outside, and Thursday evening was no exception......

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  1. Nice that you got the MTB brakes fixed and things are coming together with you warmer weather.

  2. What was the end result concerning the customer who wanted to fight you? Was he evicted? Bob Plaskon

    1. His departure day is May 23rd, and he will not be allowed to return to TVC again.


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