Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!


7:13 am - Sunday - 31º F, 78% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the southeast.....partly cloudy......forecast high is 48º F, with a chance of rain by noon......ahhhhhh......our first day off in a while! Before I proceed with my daily missive about what transpired on our Saturday I want to wish all the amazing mothers out there 'HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY'......without you our lives would be less.....bless you all!

Once again we reported for work just before 7:30 am.....the temp was 28º F and we (the 'Ranger Crew') were all bundled up against the chill.  Since it was too cold to do much outside I took time to hold an impromptu Ranger meeting discussing the philosophy of 'rangering' here at TVC and answered some questions.  So far the guys are doing a good job doing site checks.....TLE says the information she is getting from each ranger is consistent, and easy to process.  

While Greg headed out to do site checks the rest of my guys (Art and Neal) headed back to Section A to continue the deep cleaning, and it looks as if the will finish with 'A' on Monday, or Tuesday, at which time we will all 'gang tackle Section F, which really needs a bunch of TLC.

While they went about their routine I returned to my fence project in the Group Area.....I needed 5 more posts in the ground before I could begin to attached the fence rails connecting them all, and completing the separation of the heretofore large Group Area into Group A and Group B.  The last 5 posts went in quickly then it was time to assess my pile of 'rails' to see how many of them were at least 10.5' in length, or more.  Sadly about half the rails I had gathered so far were under 10'.....since I set the fence posts at 10' centers there must be a little, I had to begin   my search anew for more rails.  Over the course of the next hour I found enough prospective fence rails to span about 85% of my 200' fence, and am pretty sure I will find the rest over the next few days beginning Tuesday when we go back to work again.  I began dragging the rail candidates using the Ranger cart back to the fence site and by noon time I had a nice stack of fence rails forming.

After lunch I headed back to the maintenance yard to work on another project for the store.....our policy is no dogs (other than those of the 'service' variety) in the store.  If we are going to enforce that rule we need a place for folks to tether their canine friends while they shop.  One idea is to re-purpose an old bike rack no longer in use by painting it black and attaching a couple of leashes to it for dogs to be tethered.  I am concerned that having too many dogs tethered to such a small space will become a problem, so I have proposed installing 'eye' bolts at 8' intervals along the outside wall of the store where we will hang leashes, and provide a bowl of water for each one.  I think that will do the trick.....nonetheless, the old bike rack is now painted and looking 'new' again......

.....while I was busy painting the old bike rack Jeff was getting busy welding the broken bracket on the Case loader bucket to which we attach two poles that are used to lift and move our many dumpsters......without this repair we cannot deploy our dumpsters...... took him about an hour but the repair turned out quite well......thank you Jeff!

So, one more thing checked off the list of the list, and now we can move the dumpsters to their summer positions.

The weather, once more, remained cold all day long in spite of the clear skies, and I can only remember removing my jacket, gloves and watch cap one time during the 6.5 hours I worked.

TLE and clocked out at 2:30, and were on our way home to enjoy the remainder of the day, and relax.  I started a fire in our outdoor firepit around 4 pm, and we sat outside enjoying the cold weather and talking until well after 5 pm before the increasing chill chased us back inside for the evening.

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