Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Back to normal.....

5:53 am - Tuesday - 39º F, 77% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south.......clear with a forecast high of 74º F.

 One could almost hear the vacuum sound as 200+ tenters and RVers flooded out of TVC Monday morning on their way back to their workaday lives.  By mid morning the tenting area in our section, E, was 80% vacant again.

Tim and Laila were on their way back to their workaday lives by 5:15 am, and we were there to say our 'until next times'.   We had such a great time with them, but it is time to get back to regularly scheduled programming for TLE and I.  Monday was our 'Sunday' so we were not working, which gave us time to get our stuff.....well, my stuff, back in the trailer.

Just before 9 am we, with a lot of other staff, and customers, walked out to the flag pole near the entrance to TVC to witness a Memorial Day flag raising by Miguel who was a Sargent Major in the Army.  In all we had about 30 folks there for the ceremony of which about half a dozen were former military folks present.

We stopped off at the office on our way back to the Newell to check on a couple of things, and I found out from Sandy that she had managed to get an ice delivery for our 'Ice House' one day early so I walked over to open it up......when I opened the door the floor was wet, and it was obvious the compressor was not running....the temperature was over 50 degrees.....doh!  We just had that compressor replaced a few days ago!  At any rate we called off the ice delivery and put in an emergency call to Alpine Refrigeration to come out and figure out what was wrong.

We then headed back to the Newell where we spent the balance of the day washing clothes, fixing stuff, and then just relaxing.  It got into the low 70's, and at one point we got some rain for about 20 minutes....well, maybe it sprinkled more than rained.

We are now past our first holiday of the summer, and by all standards it was an outward success.  We have a few internal issues with which to deal, such as the failure of our maintenance manager to followup with Waste Management regarding our requested trash pickup Thursday in advance of the holiday weekend.  The result was overflowing dumpsters most of the weekend, and the necessity for us to move that overflowing trash to the maintenance yard where it was piled until Monday when Waste Management came for their normal pickup day. In addition, there are some personnel issues which need to be dealt with before they morph into bigger problems......yep, there is still a gossip problem.

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