Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bumpy roads.......


6:22 am - Sunday - 36º F, 75% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south....sunny, cloudless skies......another beautiful South Lake Tahoe day in store for us......forecast high is 71º F.......yeah, back into the 70's!

Day two (Saturday) of the Memorial Day weekend began with a few bumps in the was the first 'Pancake Breakfast' of the summer season, we had a whole new team running it, and new equipment, which had not yet been tested (it arrived via UPS late afternoon on Friday).  Of course when you give 'Murphy's Law' so much to work with he will mess with you, right?  Nonetheless, Michael, Mary, A.J. and Amanda recovered and successfully completed service (it runs from 8:30 am to 10:30 am on Saturday's and Sunday's).  The great thing is the customer's had no idea they were having 'issues'.

The next bump in the road became apparent when I clocked in for the day at 7:20 am.....our dumpsters were already overflowing and it is only Saturday morning.....apparently someone (not moi) forgot to call the local refuse company to do a pickup on Friday, which is our custom on holiday weekends.  So that meant they had not been emptied since Monday.....not a good formula for success.  At any rate I retrieved the loader from the maintenance yard and had Neal (Ranger) join me at the dumpsters near the Section G bathrooms to begin transferring some of the trash from them to other dumpsters that were not quite as full.  Adam from Maintenance soon joined us with the TVC Ford PU to help.  Within 45 minutes we had temporarily mitigated the situation, but I have no doubt by Sunday morning we will be back were we started with fewer options available.

Whilst we toiled in the confines of TVC my son, Tim, and his fiance, Laila, spent the day touring South Lake Tahoe........

Left to right: TLE, Tim, Laila, moi

........I had a typical day of Rangering.....helping people into their sites, sweeping the concrete in the pool area clean, setting up the 'Pickle Ball' nets, moving picnic tables, running errands for the Pancake Breakfast folks, pumping propane, picking up ashes, etc. All the while there were children's crafts going on in the Big Tent, and a bicycle parade around 2:30, all of which were well attended.  Before I knew it 4 pm had arrived and it was time for me to end my shift, and leave the 'rangering' to my two quite capable evening Rangers, Art and Mike.  TLE joined me back at the Newell shortly thereafter.  

We had planned to go out to dinner with Tim and Laila, but they were having such a good time touring that they did not get back until 7 that time TLE had made scrambled eggs for dinner, and then we walked over to the 'Big Tent' for the night's live music with Fabrizio (remember, we went to listen to him the other night).....Time and Laila joined us about 7:30 and we danced, and sang along until 9 pm when the show ended.  We had about 75 people at the peak of the show, which is better by a factor of three than any crowd we had last year...... was a grand way to end another day in TVC.  The four of us retired to the Newell to talk for a while and by 10 pm we had gone entered 'dreamland' once again.

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  1. Sounds like you had a productive and a fun day. enjoying the crowds.


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