Sunday, May 21, 2017

The transition........


7:29 am - Sunday - 43º F, humidity 70%, wind 3 mph out of the south southwest.....sunny blue skies from horizon to horizon.....forecast high for Sunday is 71º that's the ticket!

As I reported yesterday, the roof is on 'ET'.....the sides will go up Sunday, or Monday.....Saturday was another t-shirt and shorts day.....I had my gloves off by 9 am, and my jacket off shortly thereafter.  The weather was delightful all day long.  

I spent the better part of my work day discussing with my 'Ranger Crew' how to set up our 'outside storage' area.  Our 'inside' storage area is at one end of the fenced maintenance yard.....the gate for the 'inside storage area' is closed, and locked at night.  We set up what amounts to a temporary 'outside storage area' each summer to accommodate the increased demand for storage of boats, trailers, RV's etc.  We have 44 storage sites of varying lengths in the maintenance yard, and on Saturday we went about to add an additional 14 sites just outside the maintenance yard.  The discussion was how to lay it out to maximize the space we had allotted.  Ultimately, after discussing numerous options, we came up with a workable solution we could all live with and then I left it to Art and Neal to execute the plan.

Next I spent time with our activity directors, Michael and Mary, answering questions and giving them some direction, and promising to get answers to the questions for which I did not have an answer. It was a good meeting, and I am very optimistic for the future of activities here at TVC!

After lunch I spent an hour, or so touring the entire park with Miguel, our TVC manager, going over all the things that still need to be done.....we came up with quite a 'punch' list of things to be done.....and that was the essence of my Saturday......many meetings, but nothing tangible to show for my 7 hours on the job.  Sometimes that is how it goes when you are a supervisor, and I am needing to get used to my new role.  In past years it has just been me moving from one task to another of my choosing.  Each day I had something tangible to show for my efforts......this year I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to qualified people to assist me, and transitioning from my former 'get it done myself' mentality to delegating responsibility, and then following up to be sure the assignment was successfully completed is difficult, but becoming easier.  Taking pleasure in the accomplishment of those working under me is my reward.

TLE punched the workaday clock around 2 pm, and I followed about 3 pm.....we all convened at John and Deb's site for an early happy hour where our group eventually grew to a dozen, or so folks.  This camaraderie is one of the things we so enjoy about working here at TVC, where our fellow workers are also our friends.

Around 6 pm our friend Brian Horner stopped by our site to pick us up for a walk over to 'The Lake House' for dinner......this restaurant is just about a 1/2 block outside of TVC.  It was formally an Italian restaurant, but was sold over a year ago to the current owner who spent about a year renovating the restaurant.  It has only been open a short time, but has already garnered 44 positive reviews and a 4.5 star rating from Yelp.  We thoroughly enjoyed our 2.5 hour dinner with Brian in which we talked about everything under the sun.  The food was wonderfully prepared and served.....the service was top notch, which nicely complimented the beautifully renovated ambiance provided by the new owners.

We were home a little after 9 pm and bidding adieu to Brian for the night.....I think we were a all a little the worse for wear from all of the wonderful Zinfandel wine we shared, but that is, after all, the whole point of walking to dinner, right?  Thank you Brian for a memorable evening!

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