Monday, May 8, 2017

Fickle May....


6:00 am - Monday - 34º F, 95% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south......partly cloudy, but there will be lots of sun today!  The snow has melted......the forecast high is 63º F.

After it stopped raining Saturday night, it did rain on and off the rest of the evening, and there were what we call 'snow bombs' falling from the trees and hitting our roof that would startle us awake all night long.....I slept terribly. I had notified my Ranger crew that we would not be working Sunday morning, but I walked over to the office with TLE around 9 am to pick up a 2-way radio and advised the front desk personnel I would be 'on call' the rest of the day.  All the areas that had been clear of snow the day prior were now covered in 2-3 inches of snow again.   Based on the projected high of 57º F it seemed apparent that most of what we saw would be gone by the end of the day.....

 The office/store/laundry
Section 'A'

....after visiting briefly with the office staff I walked back to the Newell to get my keys and the VW to drive down to the maintenance yard to pick up my golf cart and then went back by the office to pick up TLE to head back to the coach where we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  As the snow began to melt we put the patio awning back out so it would dry, and also put the 'sail' sun shade back up over the picnic table.  Everything survived the snow dump pretty well, and by evening most of the snow in our site had melted.

By the way, some may wonder why our campgrounds within TVC are labeled A, E, F & G.......some have wondered if the original owners planned more campgrounds to fill in the alphabet, but the real story is that the letters stand for 4 local lakes......Aloha, Echo, Fallen Leaf, and Gilmore......if you look on a map these lakes appear at the same points of the compass that our 4 campgrounds here at TVC do.....

The four lakes for which our four campgrounds are named

......maybe you haven't wondered, but just in case you were wondering, now you know.

There were three NBA playoff games Sunday afternoon and into the evening and we watch all, or part of all three with an occasional nap thrown in for good measure.  I returned the 2-way radio to the office around 3 pm, and then returned the Ranger cart to the maintenance yard.  Another day in the books here at TVC.  The next 7 days will be a mad rush to get as much done as possible as there is another patch of rain coming a week from Monday that could go on as long as 7 days......we have less than 21 days until the Memorial Day weekend.

Another note of minor interest.......our blog surpassed 800,000 total page views a few days ago, and now we are not far from the million page views landmark.  While these are not significant numbers in the blogosphere world, they are to us, and we thank you for your continued loyalty!

So, just as we have experienced our prior 3 summers at TVC, May is a fickle weather can go from temps in the 70's and clear blue skies to 3 inches of snow overnight......and there is more to come, no doubt...stayed tuned.

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