Tuesday, May 2, 2017



6:24 am - Tuesday - 37º F, humidity 80%, wind - 3 mph out of the southwest......partly cloudy skies.....forecast high for today is 67º F......the sun should start peeking over the tops of trees to the east of our site in about 40 minutes.

Monday was our first day of employee orientation.....we all gathered together in the 'Lounge' around 9 am where Victor, TLE and Tina had set up chairs, and laid out a spread of orange juice, pastries, and fruit.  We then spent the next 4 hours going through the orientation program and introducing ourselves.  This is the first year since we have worked at TVC that we have had an employee orientation program, and after the first day I am pretty impressed.  I wish we had been introduced to TVC in this way.

Around 1 pm we adjourned for the day, and those of us still on the clock headed out to get some more work done.  Tuesday we will continue 'orientation' by breaking into the various the various groups representing each department and walking the campground.

I continued to garner the necessary lodgepole pines (those which were cut down last summer) needed to build the 'Group Area' fence I wrote about a few days ago, then drove the Case loader over to Section E to remove the concrete from another picnic table we began taking apart last Friday......now all the employee sites are free of the old, crumbling tables, and everyone will find it much easier in the future to park in their sites in anyway they wish to optimize their site for a summer of enjoyment.

After putting the loader back in the maintenance yard I made my first run of the summer over to Scotty's Tru Value Hardware to pick up some things for (new padlocks, key fobs for 20 sets of employee keys, and to have 20 sets of keys made).  By the time I returned it was quitting time and I was beat.  I am slowly getting used to the altitude, and I am sleeping like a baby at night......dead to the world......I still have a ways to go, but I am seeing progress.

TLE got home about 30 minutes before I, and greeted me with a cocktail as I walked through the door......I don't deserve her, I'm sure.  I love coming home to our site.....it feels a little like 'Paradise'......

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Looks like it is all coming together for you now, settling in and the cocktail from TLE is a bonus.

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