Thursday, May 4, 2017

Flood stage....


6:00 am, Thursday - 39º F, 89% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south.....partly cloudy with a forecast high of 72º F.   Yup, I'm up earlier than starts our summer schedule.....we report for work at 7:30 am for the foreseeable future.

One of my Facebook friends posted this picture of a section of the Truckee River between Tahoe City and Squaw can see SR-89 to the left, and just to the right of that highway you can see the bike path under water.......we have ridden this bike path a dozen times over the years......I have never seen the Truckee River this high.  For those who have wondered if Lake Tahoe is full again......yes it fact it is at it's maximum elevation right now and the flood gates at the outlet in Tahoe City are fully open for the first time in years, which is why the Truckee River is in flood stage right now.....and the snow will be melting for weeks to come....

.....the snow continues to melt at a rapid pace here in TVC, and everything is damp.....everything.  Just Art and I were on duty Wednesday so I worked with him on doing site checks before releasing him to return to raking sites in Section G for customers who would be arriving Wednesday, and I headed to Section E to rake a couple of sites for employees who will be arriving soon.  While I was doing that I got a call from TLE on the radio that there were two sites in G where Art was raking that had snow blocking them, and would I get the loader and move the snow.  The snow in site 152 was pretty much almost gone and easy to move, but the snow bank in 108 was like a 1,000 pound block of ice and just did not want to move.  Eventually I was able to break it up and move it to the side, but it took over an hour.  There are a number of sites in G that will have to remain closed for the foreseeable future as the piles of snow are so tall and wide that trying to break them up would be a waste of time, energy and diesel fuel.  These piles were created by all the snow plowing that went on in 'G' this winter to keep the interior roads open for our winter customers. 

Once again the day flew by and I found myself scrambling at 4:45 pm to get a couple more things done before 5 pm......TLE went home about 4:30 and was there when I arrived to drop off my tool bag before I dropped off the golf cart.....she was heading out to walk over to Raley's to pick up a few things......the VW is at Higher Ground Autoworx for its annual checkup and oil change.....we should have it back Thursday, or Friday, which is no problem as we don't do any driving when we are working every day.

I got back to the Newell about 5:20, made a cocktail, got out a cigar and sat outside watching one of the NBA playoff games.....TLE returned just before 6 pm and joined me for about 40 minutes before we headed inside for the night.  So far there are no mosquitoes, but we are expecting them in force once things warm up more......the Upper Truckee Meadows which are just to the east of us are under water and a wonderful breeding ground for those winged terrors.  We're going to enjoy sitting outside in the early evening for as long as we can, because there is no doubt they are coming.

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