Saturday, May 20, 2017

'Weather', or not we are ready, here it comes!


5:46 am - Saturday - 37º F, 82% humidity, wind - CALM - clear blue skies again this day.  Our weather is improving significantly over the next 7 days......the Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us, and the good weather is arriving just in the nick of time!

Forecast high for Saturday is 70º F, and we have a string of 70º+ days through Wednesday.

I wore shorts to work for the first time in 5, or 6 days, and by 10 am I had taken my jacket off for the balance of the day.  Adam and the maintenance crew began putting the 'roof' on the Entertainment Tent (ET), and by early afternoon had all the roof sections installed, and laced together.  Now for the sides!

I continued working on the pole fence in the Group Area, and managed to close the 11th gap......only 10 more to go.....20 more 10.5' rails......where am I going to find all of them?

 Look at the length of that drill bit!

I worked steadily all day, interrupted for a few minutes by my friend Brian Horner, who is spending a few days at TVC in his truck camper prior beginning his 22nd summer here at TVC in his large diesel pusher Class A motorcoach.  We talked about the summer to come, and all the changes happening at TVC.  By the time I had exhausted my current rail supply it was almost 2:30 pm, and time to begin putting stuff away.  I'll spend part of Saturday searching for, and acquiring more rails, but I do not know if I will finish it before next Friday....we'll see.

My Ranger Cart continues to be on the disabled list......we have exhausted our attempts to repair the throttle switch, so it appears we will have to deliver it to a local golf cart place down in Garnerville, NV in the next few days for repair.

My Ranger Crew finished cleaning Section F, so all four sections are now ready for occupancy.  I assigned Eric and Rosie (dog owners) to spruce up the Dog Park, and Art is finishing the final few sites which had been closed until a few days ago with unmelted snow banks left over from the winter snow plowing.  Neal and Greg walked along the fence separating our property from Barton Memorial Hospital picking up trash.....things are progressing quickly, but there is still much to accomplish over the next 7 days.

I find my endurance is increasing day by day, and I'm not exhausted at the end of each day anymore.   I picked up TLE at the office in my golf cart and whisked her home around 3:30 pm.   While she relaxed I adjusted the brakes on the bicycle of a neighbor, and then joined her for cocktail hour at 5 pm.

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  1. Things are coming together nicely, and that includes your weather!! Enjoy!