Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Don't fence me in......"


5:59 am - Thursday - 39º F, humidity 79%, wind 3 mph out of the southwest.....partly cloudy....forecast high is 62º F.....we are going into a cooling trend...starting Friday we will have about a weeks worth of 40's and 50's with rain here and there.

After spending the first 2.5 weeks gathering materials for the 200' pole fence out in the Group Area it was time to put up, or shut up.....time to begin the 'build', and Wednesday was that day.  Yet, I get slightly ahead of myself......I had promised Michael and Mary, our activity directors, that I would check out the audio/visual equipment we use for showing movies in our entertainment tent, and make sure they had everything connected properly.  

After getting my 'Ranger Crew' busy with their assignments I ran back to the Newell to get my tools and to pick up a DVD to play while I was testing the equipment......I chose one of my favorite Steve McQueen movies, 'Bullitt'.  It took me about an hour of fiddling with the connections to discover the correct combination of connections before I finally got picture and sound at the same time.......I never got to the famous car chase scene before it was time to head to the main project of the day......building the fence.......but just in case you wanted to see the 'Bullitt' chase scene again, here it is for your viewing pleasure.....

Just in case you forgot..... begin building the fence I need the post hole digger (to dig the post holes), the chain saw (to cut the posts to length.....5.5' long), and a tape measure (to measure each post, and the distance between them.....10').....simple tools for a simple man....

.......the fence begins right between the the two restrooms in the Group Area, and, when finished, will extend 200' (maybe a tad more) out past the Group Kitchen dividing the Group Area into Premium Group A, and Standard Group B......Group A will have the existing group fire pit, and the group kitchen as well as one restroom, including a shower.  Group B will have the new group fire pit, and the other restroom, but no access to the group kitchen. In addition, we will provide each side 3 additional 'porta-potties'......anyway, that's kind of 'inside baseball job was to build the fence to create the two distinct Group Areas.

  The Group Restroom in the background.....3 posts are now up

Over the course of the day I managed to sink 15 of the 20 proposed fence posts into the ground and have maybe 5, or 6 left to do before attaching the double row of poles which will connect all the posts.

I met TLE back home around 4:30, we changed, and drove over to 'Classic Cue' for a pitcher of draft brew, and their amazing fish tacos.........

......after a few sips of a local amber brew the physicality of the day began to fade, and soon I was in my happy place......sitting across from TLE sipping good beer and talking about our day.  Things are going better than we could possibly have hoped........we are blending 30 some personalities together, and they are all getting along well.  In the end TVC is about the customers, and the people who serve them........all of our staffers this year have a wonderful work ethic, and are giving us more than 8 hours of work for 8 hours of is good!

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  1. Looks like a very productive day you had and to wind up with a good pure and fish tacos , perfect. Sure is nice to have a good hard working staff that can all get along well.
    Love the movie Bullet to and the chase scene.