Saturday, December 27, 2014

5th Saturday is Moving Day!

Friday our three day stay at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park came to an end, and it was time to move to our permanent site for the next month.  Originally our intent had been to come back to Rancho Jurupa for the time we were here and volunteer while staying for free, but they had no volunteer positions open this time around.  They did offer us a position at a Riverside County park out in Beaumont, but that would be close to an hour's drive each way, and just not convenient since we will be attending a lot of family functions leading up to Sharon's wedding.

As it turns out our middle daughter, Kate, owns a home with a large lot in Riverside, and graciously agreed to have us park in her backyard along the property line.  As always, when I am going to park our coach in small quarters I am a little paranoid and need to check everything out to be sure we can not only get 'in', but get 'out' when the time comes.  I also bought (on eBay) a 30 amp RV receptacle that my future son-in-law (Nick, who is an electrician) installed so we could have a reliable source of power while are there.  We spent the morning getting ready to go, and around 11:45 we began the short trek over to Kate's property.

Their driveway is  a little narrow at the street, but once you get past the gate the rest of it is about 11-12 feet wide.  I parked my 62' feet on the street, dropped the trailer and then pulled forward about 100 feet.  My oldest son, Chris, came over with his Chevy pickup and backed our trailer in to the back of the property, and then I backed  in the motorhome.  It all worked out fine, and we are now safely ensconced in my daughter's backyard.  All we have to do when we get ready to leave is hook up the trailer and pull out.....easy peasy, right?  Well, we will see eventually, but for now let the festivities begin!

Here are a few pictures of our view for the next month......

It took us the better part of the afternoon to get set up, and 'hooked up'.  The coach is in the shadow of a couple of trees which are blocking access to the 'southern sky', so we deployed our Winegard Carryout G-2 satellite, and had TV within a few minutes.

We spent some time in the early evening with Kate and her family, and then retired to the coach for the evening.  I took a nap in the recliner while TLE watched a few recorded cooking shows, then I watched some episodes of Fraser before heading to bed just after 10....TLE preceded me by at least an hour.

Life is good.....thanks for stopping by!

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