Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Home, Sweet Home

I know, a little trite, but so true.   After almost 3 years on the road it feels so good to come home, if even for a short time.  We left Ventura about 9:15 am and were checking into our site at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park about 3 hours later.  The drive south  involved traffic, more traffic, and way too much traffic.  There is no way to avoid it......traffic is the nature of Southern California.  None the less, we arrived without any issues except a little more stress than we would have wished for ourselves.

Contrary to our normal practice we made reservations for our three stay, which will get us to the day after Christmas when we will move to our daughter's property on the east side of Riverside where we will spend the remainder of our time while in SoCal.

Mt. all too familiar sight

Around 6 pm we drove over to our daughter's home to check out the logistics of getting our 62' on to her property, and it looks like it will work out just fine.  From there we all convened to 'Salted Pig' for dinner.  'Salted Pig' is one of our favorite brew pubs anywhere in the USA, and as you know we have darkened the doors of a lot of micro breweries/brew pubs over the last few years.  The menu is one page, and every single item on that menu is to die for.  Fortunately our kids share our love of this place, and 3 of them were able to join us there with their significant others for brews and dinner.

Left: Kate, TLE, Laila & Sharon
Right: Nick, moi, Tim and Rod

Nick (on the right) is engaged to Kate (on the left)....their wedding is in October.......Tim (to my right) is in a serious relationship with Laila...........Rod (last on the right) is engaged to our daughter Sharon (last on the left), and it is for their wedding that we are here right now.  We had a lovely time talking and laughing for a couple of hours before it was time to call it a night......but we didn't quite call it a night.  We headed back to Kate's home for an outdoor fire until about 9 pm, then headed home.

It was a great first day home, and it was great to get a lot of great hugs in the first day back.  The weather is scrumptious, and delightful......72 degrees by day, and a low of 52 at night......quite the contrast to our stay in Sparks.

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