Thursday, December 11, 2014


I didn't wake up until 3 pm on our next to last 'donut hole' day......I haven't slept 9 hours straight in a long time!  Seemed like we were barely up and the sun was going down again.  We both commented more than once that we are so glad we got the 'donut hole''s wonderful having that day off in the middle of your four day work breaks up the work week, and gives you 24 hours to recharge for the last two shifts of the week.  All in all Wednesday was a delightful day spent relaxing.

We are down to 6 work days with one weekend, and another 'donut hole' thrown in for good measure before we roll.  Our tentative plan is to head west on I-80 to I-5 and then south with a two day detour over to the coast just north of Ventura.  We had wanted to head directly south on US 395, but it has been, and will be, snowing along that route, and there are a couple of high passes to transverse, including Conway Summit, which at 8,143' elevation is the highest point on the entire length of US 395.  

Left to right, back row: Richard, Pat, me, TLE and Jim
Left to right, front row: Mike and Sharon

Since today, Thursday, is also known as "Throwback Thursday", here is my TBT picture for today.  This was taken almost exactly two years ago as our Amazon gang had our last lunch together before our last shift.  This picture still makes me smile.

As I write a winter storm is moving towards us with rain promised by 2 pm, and continuing all night into tomorrow.....we may get rain going to and coming from Fernley.  Right now the wind is blowing quite doubt pushing that front towards us.

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