Sunday, December 21, 2014

RNO1.....we're done!

There were no humming conveyor belts, no whirring fans, no 'Baker Carts' Friday night/Saturday morning.  No ice on our windshield, NO 30 mile drive 'home' from Fernley.  No more living by schedules conjured up by someone else.  We are back on 'Hockwald' time.....we are back to Jello calendars; back to changing our view on a regular basis; back to being nomads.....yup, we are just plain BACK!

We were up, and rolling our 10 wheels by 9 am southbound and down '395' towards Ventura, CA some 230 miles distant.  Traffic was light until we hit Lancaster and Palmdale where we had to dodge some holiday traffic, and then as we neared I-5 the traffic became very intense, and quadrupled as we merged into I-5 northbound.....that 10 miles until we exited on HWY 126 was excruciating, but then it was back to country driving with light traffic.  As we passed through Fillmore, and Santa Paula we could feel the balmy coastal air begin to filter into the coach.  We turned the heaters off, and breathed deeply.

By 1:30 pm we were parked on Rincon Parkway and enjoying the sound of breaking waves just 50 feet away.........breathing in the salt air of the Pacific Ocean once again.  I unloaded the portable fireplace, and all the wood from the VW in anticipation of our first evening fire since early October.  Around 3:30 we took a long walk on the beach as the high tide rolled in, and then around 4:30 we took up our positions by the fire, with Margaritas in hand to watch the sun set, and what a sunset it was!

Merry Christmas from the Hockwald's!

 A little perspective for you on how close we are to the ocean

And there it is.....our first sunset on Rincon Parkway in 3's been too long Rincon!

As the night chased away the day we enjoyed a long and spectacular wind....just the soporific sound of the waves breaking on the sand just a few feet away.

Life is certainly good, and you would have to work pretty hard to slap the big smiles off our collective faces.

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  1. Looking good Clarke. Do you have to pay for two sites to accommodate the trailer?

  2. Yup.....$28/site, but not bad for the view.

  3. Ahhhh...perfection. A WELL-DESERVED break for you guys. Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Nina to you and Paul!!!

  4. Now that's what I call "Livin' Life" Merry Christmas!

  5. What a view! And a great reward for all the hard work you two have put in these past few months. Happy Holidays!


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