Monday, December 22, 2014

Good Fortune!

We went to bed early Saturday night.....about 9:30.......we were both up just before 8 am.....the sound of the breaking waves all night long did its trick and we slept like babies.  We awoke to heavy overcast.....not unusual for this area.......but the air temps were balmy.

Our house batteries had dropped to 85% overnight and it didn't look like we were getting any significant sun until around noon so I hooked up our small Honda 1000 watt generator to start throwing some juice back into the batteries until the sun made an appearance.  Around 11 I tilted the solar panels in anticipation of the sun coming into play, and by Noon we were getting some serious amps from the solar panels, and were back up to 90%, so I turned off the generator and let the sun do the rest of the work.

We decided to drive into Ventura for lunch at one of our favorite micro breweries....Anacapa Brewing Company......known affectionately hereabouts as ABC.  They have these Sweet Potato Fries with this amazing honey/mustard dipping sauce.  TLE ordered the Pumpkin Ale, and for me it was the San Nicholas Stout.  We both added a bowl of their Clam Chowder, which is probably the best clam chowder I have had since Tony's in Cedar key.

But, I get a little ahead of know how I write occasionally about serendipitous moments that occur whilst living this nomadic life?  Well, Sunday afternoon one of those moments occurred.  As we drove down Main Street looking for a spot to park (it's all diagonal pull in parking) it was looking like we might have to park a block, or two away to get a spot.....not too surprising during this holiday season.....but suddenly a spot opened up nearly right in front of ABC and we snagged it......that is not the serendipity I was going to write about, but I think finding the only spot open for 3 blocks was just a touch of serendipity.  But wait......Miss Serendipity was not yet done.  Just as we exited the car and were trying to figure out how to use the 'pay station' to pay for our spot I hear a woman say "Elaine do you remember me?"  We both turned around to see a man and woman looking at us, and the woman repeats the question one more time.......TLE is looking at her intently, and I'm beginning to think this is a case of mistaken identity when TLE suddenly says "BECKY!".  TLE and Becky know each other from TLE's workaday life. Becky and Tom Nielsen live in Woodland Hills (about 45 minutes from Ventura) and had decided to drive up to Ventura for the afternoon to browse through some antique shops in search of some Xmas presents......we all arrived at the identical spot in time at the same time....what are the odds?  Well they really aren't too long when Miss Serendipity is involved.  TLE and Becky spent about 15 minutes catching up while Tom and I talked about RV's.....they own a 19' pop up trailer.

About 1:15 we said our 'until next times' and proceeded to ABC for lunch, which I have already related.  I put up a picture of this sign that is on display at ABC a few years ago before we began our full time journey.........

............but it is still true today!

Ventura gets its name from the Spanish Mission that was on this site a couple hundred years ago.....Mission Buena Ventura, which means 'good fortune'.  It is a typical seaside town, and its Main Street is just loaded with great eateries and interesting shops.  It is a great place to park and take a stroll, and that is what we did after lunch.  As it happens there is a Goodwill just a block from ABC that we visited....I found a 'new' t-shirt, and TLE found a book she could not live cost...$2.98.  We stopped off at the local Von's Supermarket on the way home where TLE bought a great piece of salmon for me to BBQ....while she was in the store I walked across the street to a smoke shop to buy a few cigars (Macanudo Portofinos).....I haven't smoked a good cigar in a few months, and it was time.

We headed back to the coach about 2:30 where we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the wonderful, partly cloudy weather.  I watched portions of a couple of football games, and took a nap while the waves kept coming and coming.......I think I used the word soporific yesterday, and there is no doubt that is the case.  The Dallas Cowboys won their game over the visiting Indianapolis Colts 42-7 to clinch a playoff berth for the first time in several years.  By the way, the batteries were back up to 96% by the time we got home courtesy of the afternoon sun, and the tilted solar!

Around 4:30 I headed outside to set up the BBQ and to welcome the sunset......of course a couple fingers of Scotch, and a good cigar were a great pairing for the sunset that followed.

TLE made some broccoli and a salad to accompany the BBQ'd salmon, which came out perfectly!  I watched the second half of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals NFL game, which was won handily by the Seahawks.

Another day lived very well......thanks for stopping by!

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