Wednesday, December 17, 2014

RNO1 - Day 27 - Two

Tuesday was a little bit different as days at RNO1 have gone.  Since we are near the end of 'Peak Season' it was time for the annual 'Camperforce Celebration' put on by the Camperforce staff at RNO1.  Of course, in order to include the day and night shifts it had to be held at 4 pm.  This meant we had to arrive at work 2 hours earlier than normal in order to participate.  That was different.......but it gets even more different......instead of finishing our shift at 4:30 am, we were allowed to finish at 2:30 am, and that's all good.  Where it got weird was when they gave us our two breaks, plus our lunch break in a span of 90 minutes from 9 pm to 10:30 pm.  Why?  I have no idea.....but, once again, I get slightly ahead of myself.......

We finished with the 'Celebration' around 4:40 pm, headed over to the 'Stand Up' area on the Nevada side for instructions on what we were to do until 6 pm, but, obviously, the night shift supervisors were not on hand yet since the night shift begins at 6 pm, so they had us spend the next hour and twenty minutes doing 'Bin Etiquette'.......this actually was kind of a cool job.....I can't speak for anyone else, but I enjoyed it.  Over the course of 6+ weeks I have come across many, many bins that needed serious re-organization, but that takes time, and my job is to 'stow', not fix messy bins.  We each took a row in 'Aqua' and spent time pulling everything out of one bin at a time, and then putting it back in so when it is time for the items to be 'picked' the 'pickers' will be able to easily find items for which they are looking.

Then it was time for 'Stand Up'......I was assigned to pick guessed it.....Utah 7TS.....the first floor.  I haven't been on the first floor of Utah for a couple of weeks, so it was enough different that I actually enjoyed my time there.  TLE was sent, once again, to 'Tranship' (Blue, 3rd floor).  Initially we had been instructed to take our regular break at 10 pm, then our regular lunch at 12:30 am, and so forth, but at 8:52 pm I got a message on my scanner telling all Camperforce folk to take a 10 minute break, and then our regular 15 minute break at 10, so we two breaks in a little over an hour.  Then, just a few minute after returning from our 10 pm break, we got another message at 10:28 pm telling us to take our lunch at 10:30, not 12:30......wait, what?  So, there you have it......two breaks, and lunch in a span of 90 minutes.  That meant our last stretch before quitting time at 2:30 am was three hours and thirty minutes.

TLE joined me shortly after lunch at Utah 7TS as they were out of work in Tranship, and we spent the rest of the evening picking in the same area, which was nice.....we were out the door and in the car on our way home about 2:32 am, and home just after 3 am.

That leaves just two more work days until 'liftoff', and the anticipation is building quickly.  We'll be off Wednesday, and then back to work Thursday and Friday nights....

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