Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RNO1 - Day 22 - 7 come 11

Hmmm.....only the 22nd day working at Amazon.....sure feels like much more.  I went to bed before midnight Sunday, and was up by 7 on Monday.........makes the time before we go to work feel much longer when you can get up early, and, of course, it is much longer.

Around Noon time we drove down to TJ's in South Reno to pick up a few necessaries, and were home by 1.  I took a longish nap from then until almost 2:30.  The cold is history.....I have a little congestion, when I first wake up, but the rest of the day I feel fine.

After Monday's shift we have 7 work days left, and 11 total days left.......once again TLE was assigned to 'stow' in Tranship (3rd floor of Nevada Blue), and I was assigned once again to Utah Violet, 3rd floor.  I like the 3rd floor of Utah......the ceiling is much higher, but the isles are narrower.  All things being equal I prefer to work in Utah, instead of Tranship, and judging by TLE's reaction to yet another day in Tranship I think she prefers Utah, also.

I was talking to a fellow Camperforce worker about how when he first arrived he was running on his days off, and preparing 5, or 6 meals in advance on Sundays, but now is content to make dry cereal each day, and rarely runs.....he says his life has come down to working and sleeping.  That has been pretty much our experience, and of others.  As the drudgery part of the job sets in you become pretty much focused on sleeping and working, with a little eating thrown in for good measure.  All you want to do on your days off is relax, and prepare mentally for another 'all nighter'.  This is why I admire anyone who spends year after year working the night shift at a job like this one......a job involving repetitive tasks.  I could not do this type of work month after month, year after year.  

All that being said, just as has happened in our other 'workamper' jobs, we are making new friends, and it is those friendships (and the money too, of course) that make this this short term job worthwhile.

We've got some cold nights and rainy weather coming later this week.....hope there is no snow, or ice.....hope, hope, hope!

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  1. Ugh, I am feeling your pain through your blog. Just a few days more and you will reap that very juicy season completion bonus!