Saturday, December 6, 2014

RNO1 - Day 21 - Crazy 8's

And then there were just 8 work days remaining......Friday was a rather unremarkable day (other than it being pay day)....much like most other days we work......we got up shortly after 1 pm, and essentially were focused on the four intervening hours before it was time to make the drive to Fernley once again.  It was the 21st time we have made that 30 mile drive.....I'm wondering what it might look like in the night it just seems like a 30 mile long black tunnel each way.

TLE was again sent to Tranship on the third floor of 'Blue', and I was once again sent to 'Utah' 8TS (3rd floor).  I've pretty much resigned myself to being assigned to Utah to stow, but TLE is chaffing to get out of Tranship, and I do not blame is my least favorite place to stow.  I did get the opportunity to work in what they call the 'quarter bins'.....'quarter bins' are large bins where only one items bearing the same ASIN are multiple items, just large quantities of a single item.  In just a 30 minute period I stowed close to 500 items.

It was announced at 'Stand Up' that next Saturday, December 13th, may be an MOT day, but it is highly unlikely at this point......nevertheless, it is possible we may have an extra work day thrown into the mix.....we will probably know by Monday, or Tuesday.

When we exited RNO1 at 4:30 the temperature was in the low 50's, which is the warmest it has been at that time of day since we arrived.....we were home just after 5 am, and sat and watched a recorded episode of 'Amazing Race' before heading to bed knowing we have Saturday and Sunday night off....YAY for us!

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