Monday, December 29, 2014

On any Sunday....5,118

Sunday was week 17 in the NFL......a number of teams were out of it and were playing for nothing, but several teams were playing for something and at 10 am I was in my recliner ready to watch them all, and watch them all 'we' did.....yes, TLE was there with me watching most of the 5 games that were televised.  It was cold outside all day, so staying inside to watch football was not a difficult choice.  It will be even colder for the next week, but, of course, 'colder' is a relative term.  We are not getting the 'artic blast' they are getting in the midwest....our low temps are in the low 40's, and high 30's.....not exactly frigid, huh?  In spite of the cold weather, the skies were mostly clear, and it was a nice day overall.  Most importantly, my Denver Broncos won their final game against the Oakland Raiders 47-14 giving them a 'by' next week, meaning they have 2 weeks off before they have to play again which will give several guys a chance to heal up for the playoff run.

I had TLE total up our mileage for 2014 as we are now done moving until after the New Year.  Our total mileage of 5,118 surprised me since we didn't begin rolling our tires in 2014 until March 4th, and then sat in one place from May 17th until September 2nd, and then from September 3rd until October 31st, then once again from November 2nd to December 19th.....we spent 83 days traveling....wait, what?  So, basically, we covered 5,118 miles in 83 days, and sat in one place for 282 days.  I'm a little concerned about having my 'nomad card' revoked for lack of!

A map of our journey in 2014

It was a different year for us this year, but it is exactly the kind of year we wanted, and needed.  We accomplished a lot in our 82 days of travels, and saw a lot.  We were able to spend a lot of quality time with nomad friends during the year, and spend a lot of time in places we truly loved.  In fact, in 2015 we will return to South Lake Tahoe for the summer, and to Cape Blanco for the month of September.  Otherwise we will be changing our view on a pretty regular basis.

Around 5 TLE got out a couple of Ahi steaks for me to grill, and she added spinach and a fruit salad as sides.  Those Ahi steaks were just amazing!  We closed out the evening watching Sunday night football, and then the 'Mentalist' and 'CSI'.

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