Thursday, December 25, 2014

The 'Eve'

We were at a dinner party last night at my future son-in-law's parents, Jack and Nancy, when I realized I had not written a blog about Tuesday yet.  As it turned out I didn't write the blog until around 9 pm Wednesday night.  I've been late before, but usually it has been due to me being too busy with something else to write, but yesterday was strictly a memory failure.  Well, it's there now just in case you wondered.......or, maybe you didn't wonder and wish I would just get on with Wednesday's report, huh?  Okay, here we go....

I'm back to waking up too early......4 am is way, way too early to be leaving the warm comfort of one's bed, especially if one is retired.  Probably still part of the fallout from living like a vampire for 7 weeks.  I managed to stay in bed, though, until just after 5, but finally got up.

We had several tasks that needed to be completed before 11 am, so we were out of the coach by 8:30 headed for Rancho Cucamonga.  Our tasks?  Well, there were a few last minute Xmas presents to acquire, and two of them were gift cards at a place called 'Active', which is a popular California ride/board shop (20 some odd locations).......the Rancho Cucamonga store of 'Active' is where our future son-in-law, Rod, works as manager.  He said to be there before 9 am to avoid the Xmas Eve rush, and he was right!  We were in and out of the store in 5 minutes.  Then it was on to my son's office to pick up a few packages ( as well as TLE's unending supply of Christmas wrapping paper) which I had shipped to him awaiting our return to SoCal, one of them being a Christmas gift, then it was over to 'Best Buy' to get another gift card, and then home.

At home I had a few projects to work on while TLE wrapped up all the presents.  One of the projects was to put a new bike seat on the mountain bike I bought for my grandson Elijah when he visited us at South Lake Tahoe last summer, as well as tune the bike up for delivery to him Christmas day.  I originally had just bought it off Craigslist thinking he would use it while he was visiting us, and then sell it again, but he fell in love with the bike.  As a result I've been carrying it around with us since we left SLT.

Around 5:15 we drove into Ontario, CA (about 13 miles) to a dinner party at the home of Jack and Nancy, Nick's parents.  Nick is the fiancee of my 2nd daughter, Kate.  They are slated to have their nuptials in October.  We, as always, had a wonderful visiting with them.

We were home by 8:30, and I'm pretty sure TLE was in bed by 9.  I fell asleep in my recliner watching 'Christmas In Connecticut', one of my favorite Christmas movies......maybe that's why I woke up so early, hmmmmm?

So, Christmas Eve is in the up.....CHRISTMAS DAY!  Thanks for stopping by!

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