Sunday, December 14, 2014

Real Saturday.....

I commented to TLE Saturday night that since July we have been living by someone else's schedule (TVC, Cape Blanco,  & Amazon).......well, come December 20th when we exit the doors of Amazon RNO1 for the last time we will be back to living our schedule free, carefree, nomadic life once again....for the next 5 months anyway.  Every day will once again feel like Saturday, including 'Real Saturday', which is the purpose of this particular installment of our daily blog.

I was up a little after 2 pm and after two nights in a row of 8+ hours of sleep I felt rested.....TLE was up closer to 3, and by the time we had our eyes fully opened and a little breakfast the sun was down once again.  One of the interesting things about flipping your schedule upside down is that you can have a glass of beer (Ninkasi Total Domination IPA) with breakfast when breakfast is being eaten at 5:30 pm.......:-)  It was a perfect pairing for the scrambled eggs and sourdough toast TLE prepared.  Going outside to get the beer out of the Norcold slide out fridge was the only time I ventured outside.

The outdoor daytime temperatures are pretty much in the low 40's with the lows in the 20's.  One good piece of news is that our water hose has not yet frozen.  We've got another week to go, but I'm optimistic my insulation job this time around has been sufficient to prevent the freezing we occasionally experienced in Campbellsville, KY two years ago.  I used a thicker insulation this time, and was careful to be sure every exposed piece of plumbing was wrapped with insulation.  If the hose were to freeze it is not catastrophic because we do have a full tank of fresh water on board, and all I have to do is turn on the water pump to have water flowing.  Our water bay is heated by an electric heater so nothing in there will freeze either.

Late in the evening we got knews that our daughter, Kate, is now officially engaged and will be married this coming October.  2015 is going to be full of weddings in our family.....on January 17th our 3rd daughter, Sharon, is getting married, then in June my brother's oldest daughter, Danielle, is getting married, and then, of course Kate in October.  Congratulations to Nick and Kate.....we could not be more pleased!

Nick proposing to Kate

The Ring

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