Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RNO1 - Day 23 - It's official......MOT cancelled!

I only managed to sleep until Noon Tuesday.....less than 6 hours sleep.....I knew I was going to pay a price later unless I got a nap, but the illusive nap never arrived.....I managed to be occupied with too many things all day long and never got around to the NAP.  Suddenly I realized it was 4 pm and time to start getting ready for work.  On the the drive over to Fernley I was thinking I really needed a nap, but it was too late for that.....Shift 6 was calling me back to stow more stuff.....what are the odds I would be in Utah another night, hmmmmm?

Okay, I admit it.....I am a very simple person.......simple pleasures make me very happy.  Simple pleasures such as the announcement made at 'Stand Up' at 6 pm Tuesday evening......MOT (Mandatory OverTime) is cancelled for Shift 6......YAY!!!  We managed to work 7 weeks this time and only had to work one 5/10 week (5 days @ 10 hours per day).  This means I will have oodles of time this weekend to begin the arduous 'putting away everything' routine.  Fortunately, I kept the interior of the trailer under better control this time.

The only thing different Tuesday was that TLE and I were both assigned to Utah 8TS (2nd floor) Bill Murray said near the end of Groundhog Day....."different is good".....TLE's wish came true and she escaped 'Tranship' for one night.  For me, on the otherhand, it was just another 'Groundhog Day'.  I was commenting to some friends at 'lunch' Wednesday morning that I saw some things I stowed my first week still in the bins where I placed them almost 6 weeks ago.

When we worked at Amazon in Campbellsville two years ago one of the things that made the time bearable, and pass more quickly were the friendships we formed with  Mike, Liz, Jim, Sharon, Richard and Patricia.  We spent every break, and every lunch with them laughing.  In fact, we have stayed in touch with them all.  We all started at the same time (October 8th), and all but Mike and Liz were staying at the RV park across the street from Amazon.  Our decision to come in a month later this year meant we would probably not make the same connections this time around.  Our training day class had no one working the night shift, so we started off knowing no one in Shift 6.  That has begun to change over the past week, or so.  We have begun to 'hang' with the same folks during breaks, and lunch every day.....there are Julie and Becky (late 20's, early 30's....Vet Technicians - who are the sweetest girls), Ken (about our age), Kenneth (30 something), Larry and Paula (our age), Barbara, Betsy, etc.  All interesting, fun people to spend time with, and that has been a mixed blessing for us.  We're just getting to know them, and our time here is so short.

And once again, as I have said oft, after it is all said and done it comes down to the people you meet along the way, and it is the people I will remember most about our time here in Sparks......Cousin Lois, John, Uncle Bob, Aunt Jane, Chris, Brady, Bailey, and our Amazon friends previously mentioned.  It is the people you meet along the way that make this nomadic life so rich, and rewarding.

Only 6 work days left........thanks for stopping by!

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