Monday, December 8, 2014


Monday sunrise........

Every once and a while I wake up and have absolutely no idea what I am going to write about, and folks this morning is one of those writing brain is blocked.  You're thinking "What?  He must know what he did Sunday......just write about it!"   Easy to think, hard to do.......and that is where I am this morning, once again.  I usually look at the day in question, and wonder what would appear to be interesting to others about that day....frankly, there are a lot of days when I draw a blank about the "interesting" part, but I just start writing and some how it turns out to be some what interesting.  

Sunday was just an uninteresting day for me.......I didn't do anything but get up, write the blog.....well, I wrote it after drinking a sufficient amount of coffee to get the creative side of my brain working.  All the while the first televised NFL 'early' games are in full swing in the background......Colts at Browns and Steelers at Bengals.  These are not games that normally would catch my attention......they are not what I would call the 'marquee matchups' for the day, but they actually both turned out differently than I thought they would.  The Colts were behind until the very end of the game when they finally pulled ahead by one point to win.  Pittsburgh seemed to struggle until late in the game, but ended up winning by 3 touchdowns, was much closer than that.

By now I think you know how my day went.......I watched football pretty much all one time in the afternoon I was watching 3 games......the Seahawks at Eagles on DirecTV, and then the 49ers at the Raiders, or Chiefs at Cardinals on Cable (yes, we have cable TV here at Sparks Marina RV Park).  With my new HDMI setup I can flip between DirecTV and Cable using my remote.....that was not possible before I got the new DVR.....well, it was possible, but I just didn't hook it up that way with the old DVR.  The Raiders, who have won just one game this year, inexplicably beat the 49ers, and the seriously injured Cardinals beat the visiting Chiefs, who were favored.

TLE, on the otherhand, did a lot Sunday.......she did a 'big' shopping trip to Raley's earning another 25 cent off fuel coupon to go with a 50 cent off coupon she got a couple of weeks ago......that will get us 70 gallons of diesel and a very, very good price........and then spent time down at our RV park's laundry doing a 'big' wash.....'big' meaning she did the bed sheets and bathroom would take her 3, or 4 loads in the Splendide to do just those items, but at the laundry it takes one load.  This laundry, by the way, is one of the best we have encountered in our travels......not only price wise, but equipment wise.  While she was gone I, at her request, vacuumed the floors of the coach.....I chose the overkill option for this task.....the ShopVac......I was able to vaporize the dirt, dust, crumbs, etc. in just a few minutes......reason 499 why I love living in a small space!

The NFL Sunday night game pitting New England at San Diego was another good, close game until then end when New England pulled ahead to win.

So, as you see, there was not a lot to my day that I would term interesting.....I was mostly just an observer.....and that was my goal.

Only 8 (possibly 9 if this coming Saturday is declared as an MOT day) work days separate us from the day we rolls our wheels south and west to warmer climes......thanks for stopping by!

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