Thursday, December 18, 2014

Zero Donuts

Our last 'donut hole' day at RNO1 passed without a whimpers, just big smiles.

After the passing of Wednesday there are zero donut hole days left in our stint here at RNO1.  I was up at Noon.....I know.....only six hours of sleep.....I spent an hour, or so in the trailer finishing up what needs to be done before we leave on is now ready for the VW.

As is the case when you don't get up until Noon, it was not long until it was fast approaching sundown again.  We decided to go out for dinner, and at TLE's suggestion we headed to O'Cleary's Pub over in the Legends Mall for a few brews, and some good 'pub style' food.  As you might guess, we started our evening with a couple of drafts.....for me the Icky IPA, and for TLE the Samuel Adams Winterfest.  Every time I tip an Icky I am transported back to late June in South Lake Tahoe when I tasted my first after a great morning of mountain biking with good friends.  We then ordered bowls of their Bacon Potato Cheddar soup.....I get weak in the knees just thinking about that bowl of soup this morning....OMG!  I should have stopped with the soup, but I couldn't help ordering a plate of their fish tacos (2), and TLE ordered the Platter O'Cleary's....we ended up taking home some of each.  As I said, the soup would have sufficed as a meal.  

From there we worked our way over to Scheel's so TLE could look for some new bicycle shorts......her current pair are getting a little thread bare, and I'll leave it at that.  She found a nice pair for $96.....ouch!  I really can't complain......the last pair I bought in Tyler, TX back in 2009 cost $89, and they are still going strong.

We spent the evening watching the season finales for 'Survivor' and 'Hell's Kitchen'.  Natalie won 'Survivor', which is as it should have least based on those who made the final three....if Keith had made it along with Natalie I'm not sure how it would have turned out.

We were in bed a little after midnight looking forward to our last two days at just a few short days we will be sitting on the beach at Rincon Parkway, just north of's a TBT picture of TLE at Rincon Parkway back in 2009....

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