Tuesday, December 2, 2014

RNO1 - Day 18 - 'See Ya!'

We got the news last night that our 'release date' is the end of our Friday/Saturday shift at 4:30 am December 20th, so I think the picture above pretty much says what we'll be doing shortly after we arrive home from our last shift!  We have yet to decide which route we'll take home.....HWY 395, or drive over to the coast and take HWY 101 south......it's a little longer, but we would love to stop over at one of our favorite spots, Rincon Parkway, and spend at least one night watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  For those of you who may not know, the masthead picture on our blog was taken at Rincon Parkway.

Rincon Parkway, Ventura, CA

I was up by 10 am Monday......TLE sometime after 1 pm.  I have, apparently, contracted a minor head cold over the weekend.  In comparison to the last two colds I have had, this one seems pretty minor so far....only having to blow my nose once an hour so far, and it did not affect my sleep last night, so I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and praying it gets no worse....it would be a poor way to end our Amazon adventure.

Monday marked the beginning of our 46th month living full time in our 1982 Newell, and 34th month of our nomadic life.  We are happy to report that the Newell is standing up quite well to full time living, and there is no end in sight to our continued adventures.  We love our home.......our ability to change our view without going through escrow, and at this point cannot imagine ourselves living in a 'sticks and bricks home' again.

My 'Groundhog Day' finally came to an end Monday night when I was assigned to stow in 'Aqua' (on the Nevada side of the building).......my FAVORITE stowing area!  To top it all I was the only one stowing there.....just me and 10 'pickers'.....I had some of my best numbers to date as I spent 95% of my time stowing books.....hundreds, and hundreds of books.  One thing to remember is Amazon sells used books, as well as new books.  I was quite surprised to see some of the used books I was stowing, such as a 2012 Woodall's RV Park Directory (click the link to see it in person)......who would want one that was two years out of date?  TLE spent her evening working on the third floor of 'Blue' stowing Tranship stuff.....my least favorite thing.  The evening/morning passed more quickly than normal for me......we did have to use the special spray to dissolve the ice on our windshield, which took about 10 seconds, and we were on our way.

So, depending on whether we get back to back 5 day work weeks we will have either 13, or 14 Amazon work days remaining before our December 20th "See Ya!" moment......YAY!!!

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