Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday Interlude.....

I took my nighttime cold medication one last time when I went to bed around 6:30 am Saturday morning, and slept like a baby until close to 2 pm.  Then it was time to get up and watch a great Saturday afternoon slate of college football games.  All in all, everyone won who was supposed to win.....Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon and Florida, and it looks like they will be the four teams in the new four team bowl playoff series designed to crown the National Champion this year.  As is befitting a day off from stowing I made every effort to move as little as possible.....I did go outside once to empty the trash, but that was it.....of course when you get up at 2 pm there is not a lot of daylight left, and by 4:15 pm it was once again dark....why do I feel like a troll?

Oh, I almost forgot, our friends, Chris and Cherie (Tales From Technomadia), hosted an online streaming video session on Livestream discussing their new solar installation.  Click on the Livestream link to watch this very informative 54 minute video (you'll have to sign in using a Facebook account, or create your own cost).

Cherie and Chris (left to right....of course)

The NCAA nightcap was Florida State vs. Georgia Tech, was over sometime between 8 and 9 pm (Florida won another close game 37-35, but they remain unbeaten), and then we watched a movie on Netflix called "Sum of All Fears", 2002, starring Ben Affleck andMorgan Freeman.....IMDB gives it a 6.4 out of 10 stars.....I'd say that was about right.

It was a very pleasant day off......just what we both needed.  My cold continues to dissipate, and appears to be just about finished.....whew!  A bullet dodged!

Now that we are about done with our Amazon gig we are beginning to think about a few ways to spent our of them being replacing our almost 33 year old Flexsteel Captains chairs (driver and passenger), and the four trailer tires.  Although we haven't had a problem since July of 2013 with a trailer tire going bad, I know it is just a matter of time even though there are not that many miles on them.  I'm going to replace them with some Michelin light truck tires based on a recommendation by a friend.  I can get them on Amazon Prime for about $127 per tire delivered, of course, free of charge.  On the chairs, we are looking for an RV resale place somewhere in the southwest where we can buy some slightly used ones, but also where we can actually check them out in person.  If any of you have any recommendations, we would be more than happy to receive them!

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  1. There is a RV place in Quartzsite that has all kinds of stuff in the back room (like chairs,well it did 2 winters back) if you happen to be headed that way.
    I don't recall the name... I'd ride my bike down the overpass into the tent/show 'area' & go left on Kuehn St, it was right there on the right... a permanent building.


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