Sunday, January 11, 2015

5th Saturday......

It's almost 11:30 pm on Saturday and I just realized a few minutes ago that I hadn't done my blog post for Friday's been a long time since I missed a day on my blog, so here I am trying to remember what happened Friday and get it posted before midnight.....let's see....

Maybe I should work backwards, because right now what happened Friday morning is almost as vague as what went on in the afternoon, but what happened Friday night I remember like it was, well, yesterday.....:-)

We had planned to meet my brother Philip, and his wife Jeannie for dinner in Pasadena Thursday night, but those plans fell through so we went to plan B, which was to meet them Friday night in Monrovia Old Town for dinner.  Every Friday night Monrovia shuts down their main drag, Myrtle, for a block party, so to speak.  We agreed to meet them at Rudy's Mexican Restaurant at 7 pm, so we left Riverside about 6:00 to make the drive knowing Friday night traffic in SoCal is unpredictable to say the least.  As it turned out we arrived at the restaurant just before 7 having traversed 6 different freeways on the drive.  As it turned out waiting one night meant we got to see Ryan, their son, his future wife, Yvonne, and their (Ryan's and Yvonne's) daughter Ghia, who is the biggest cutie ever.

Yvonne, Ghia and Ryan

Rudy's was great!  Yelp gives them 3.5 stars, but our experience was much better than that, and we would give them 4.5 every day of the week it was that good.  We sat there enjoying the ambiance talking, laughing, etc until well after 9 pm before bidding each other adieu until the 17th when we will all convene once again at Sharon's wedding.

Still moving backwards I drove over to Best Buy to pick up the new TV's for the trailer, and the basement/outdoor.  With the new TV's in hand I began running the HDMI cables.....first up was the 30 foot run back to the bedroom TV, which in typical Hockwald fashion took twice as long as it should have since I grabbed the 25' one by accident, then discovered after having put most of the cupboards back together that I was 5 feet short.....ugh!  so I had to open up the wire chase once again and run the 30' cable in it's place.  By the time that was done it was getting time to get ready to drive into Monrovia.  The 30 foot HDMI cable worked great, and we now have TV in the bedroom again!

Earlier in the day TLE and I walked over to Simple Simon's Bakery and Bistro for a late breakfast (coffee and a bagel for me).  Simple Simon's is right next door to the famous Mission Inn, which is quite an eclectic place.  After breakfast we took a walk through the Mission Inn....

From there we crossed the street to one of our favorite junk shops anywhere, the Mission Galleria.....they have 3 floors of very cool junk, and it was fun to visit them again.  I managed to find another license place I had not previously found, Nebraska, while TLE did not find anything she couldn't live without.

That was our Friday....whew....I wasn't sure I could remember it all, but I did.

Thanks for stopping by!

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