Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flea Market Saturday

One of our favorite things about Wittmann is the 'Wittmann Flea Market' held every weekend at the intersection of HWY 60 and Center in 'downtown' Wittmann.  We have been to this flea market several times and rarely ever come away empty handed.

 A perfect day!

There are a lot of used, and vintage tools for sale usually and a number of people selling jewelry, and on this day no one was disappointed.  I picked up a used hand ax, a filter wrench, a case hardened, stainless steel lock (for the Kuat bike carrier), and two more license plates (Kentucky & Mississippi) for my collection, and TLE picked up some very cool peacock earrings. 

 Peacock earrings - $6

Hand ax - $5, lock - $4, filter wrench - $1

 Mississippi & Kentucky plates - $9 each

We spent about an hour browsing through all the 'junk' and had a blast......our friend Tom came away with some vintage Craftsman ratchet wrenches (3/8 and 1/2 drive) for about $6.50 each.......a fraction of their actual it was a good day for all concerned.

My current license plate collection....still need Maryland, Ohio, Washington D.C. and Louisiana

I spent part of the afternoon putting out the awning mat, malibu lights, and xmas lights to 'glam' up our site, and it came out pretty nice.

Saturday night was movie night at the McCloud house, and on tap was a movie we never got around to seeing when it was in the theater.....'Divergent'.  It has a similar theme to 'Hunger Games', but had a different enough concept that we were intrigued, and hoping they make a sequel, which I am sure is coming.

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