Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The appointed time....

Hard to believe it is 7:03 am, and all I am seeing is a dull red glow in the eastern sky as I sit here writing about seems much earlier than 7:03 am.

It rained most of Monday night/Tuesday morning, and as a result I slept all the way to 8:30......there were no big plans for the day.....our hosts would be gone all day......TLE went inside to do a wash, while I took advantage of the overnight rain to wipe down the VW after which I worked on ordering a replacement air filter for the Detroit Diesel 6V92 from Filter Barn.  This filter is quite large.....

The large Fleet Guard canister air filter

It has been three years since I replaced this filter, and frankly I should have replaced it a year ago, but I had not noticed any decrease in performance, so I just kept it on the future 'to do list' until now.  The first time I replaced this filter was shortly after I bought the Newell, and it cost close to $400 to buy it locally.  The next time, 3 years later (January of 2012), my friend Tom McCloud suggested I check out Filter Barn.  The same filter there cost me $122 shipped from Filter Barn (free shipping if your order is over $100)......quite a savings.  I also order my fuel filters from them.......they have every imaginable automotive type filter you might imagine.

Once that task was complete I moved to the next thing on my 'to do list', which was to call the dentist our friend Nina Fussing (Wheeling it) recommended in Los Algodones, Mexico (just over the border from Yuma, AZ).  Both TLE and I need a general examination, and our teeth cleaned, plus TLE has a crown that has come loose which needs to be re-seated.  My regular dentist back in Chino, CA where I have been going for over 20 years charges $160 to clean my teeth (most of that was covered by dental insurance when we still carried it)......Nina's dentist (Dr. Urena) charges $35......WOW!  Our appointment is for next Wednesay at 11 am so we will drive down to Yuma Tuesday afternoon, spend the night at a local hotel, keep our appointment and drive back Wednesday afternoon.

Once all that 'heavy lifting' was done I took the rest of the day off to finish reading a book, take a nap, and just generally enjoy a nice day outside....the smell of the rain soaked sage hung in the air all day long......TLE interrupted my interlude briefly to get out her sewing machine from the trailer so she do some mending, after which I went back to reading.

Around 5:30 we drove over to Laura and Jon's (Tom and Darlene's daughter and son-in-law) for the 'crow flies' their home is probably a few hundred yards from Tom and Darlene's home, but about a mile if you can't fly and choose to drive.  We had a lovely evening.....Laura is becoming quite the home chef......for dinner she prepared French Onion soup, and pork chops with this amazing Cherry Port wine sauce poured over them.  We talked non-stop until almost 8 pm when we bid them adieu to head home.

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  1. Hi again
    Not sure if you follow the Weavers' blog, but they just did the Los Algodones dentist thing this week:

    You might enjoy meeting them if you haven't already. Kindred spirits. Also is in your area as well and seem like great people (I read a lot of RV blogs :-)


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