Sunday, January 18, 2015

Father of the Bride

My cup is full and running over this morning as I reflect back on Saturday, January's blog entry will be told with pictures.......

 Getting ready to 'walk'

Down the isle

Tom Carrozzo makes it official

The deal is done

Mr. and Mrs. Garcia.....'All You Need is Love' by the Beatles playing in the background during the recessional. 

 The 5 kids....left to right: Meredith, Kate, Sharon, Chris and Tim

Father-daughter dance.....Van Morrison's 'Days Like This' playing in the background.

The wedding cake prepared by my daughter, Meredith.

Elaine's side of the family....left to right: Glenn/Laureen, Phyllis, TLE and moi

Chris, Rochelle, TLE and little 'D.C.'

 My 'baby' brother, Philip, and his wife Jeannie

 My sister Jill and I

I love Philip's laugh

My sisters (Hilary and Jill)

Happy Mom and Dad

I think you will agree.....the pictures tell the was a perfect day.....crystal clear blue skies.....about 75 degrees, and not a breath of wind......a picture perfect day for an al fresco wedding.  It was, as it should be, a time of celebration, happiness, and fulfilled dreams spent with dear family and wonderful friends.  We are so grateful for all those who were able to attend.  If you weren't able to make it to this one, I've got another coming up in October (17th) when my daughter Kate, and her fiance (Nick) will walk down the aisle right here in Riverside.  And, not to forget, my brother (Philip) will be giving away his daughter (Danielle) on July 18th of this year........

This is a special time of our lives......we have done our job......our kids have grown into happy, successful, mature adults and are making their mark upon the world.....we spent 32 years of our lives raising 5 kids to adulthood, and now we are reaping a bountiful harvest.  We could not be happier, or feel more blessed than we do right now.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!


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