Friday, January 2, 2015

January 1st, 2015 - Ducks, Seminoles, Buckeyes and Tides

TLE and I saw in the New Year safe at home with two of our kids and their significant others.  As usual we didn't really make it to midnight, but pretty close.....11:30 pm....I was awakened about 12:02 am by the sound of fireworks, and what sounded like multiple seemed to go on for about 10 minutes.

I was awake New Years day a little after 7 am, and watched the beginning of the Rose Parade, as I usually do, but by 10 am it was time to settle in for a day of college football bowl games.  While the initial New Year's day bowl games played in the background I worked on my unusually long recap of our 2014 travels, which took me until just before the Rose Bowl game started.  For me this was probably the best day of bowl games I have seen in many a year.  Michigan State came way back in the fourth quarter to win over Baylor by 1 point, and Wisconsin came from behind against Auburn late in the 4th quarter to win in overtime by 3.
Then it was time for the first of the National Championship Bowl games pitting the Oregon Ducks against the vaunted Florida Seminoles (Rose Bowl)......the Seminoles were on a 29 game winning streak, and their quarterback on a personal 26 game win streak.  It was a close game (18-13 Ducks) at half time, but the Ducks annihilated them in the second half winning going away 59-20.....I did not see that coming.  Then for the nightcap it was the underdog Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide (Sugar Bowl).  The Tide got off to an early 15 point lead, but the Buckeyes came roaring back to win 42-35 in a very exciting game.  For the first time in 9 years there will not be an SEC (SouthEast Conference) team in the National Championship game, which this year will be played on January 12th.

If you're wondering what else I did New Year's day I think you already know the answer......NOTHING.  I just watched bowl was the perfect New Year's day for me, and TLE even got in on the fun....she was right there with me watching the Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl games.  If you were tired, like me, of seeing the slightly overrated SEC seemingly dominate college football the past 9 years you were happy to see the new 4 team playoff system work as it was proposed.

The weather was still quite cold, but no wind, no clouds, and, therefore, no precipitation.....I think the high for the day was 53 degrees.

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