Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As it should be......

First Saturday.......ooooh, I just love saying that......was a perfect day for doing some routine maintenance on our bicycles.  It's been a while since I pulled the rear wheels off, removed the cassettes and did a deep cleaning, including using my 'chain cleaner' contraption to really clean the chain.  

Since my Intense 5.5 was already on the bike rack I started on it by first cleaning the chain, then removing the rear wheel to clean the cassette, then remove the cassette and clean the rear hub completely.  It's been over a year since I did a deep cleaning on the Intense and there was a lot of 'gunk' to remove.  I think it had been 2 years since TLE's F-600 had been deep cleaned, and it was probably the gunkiest of all three bikes.

 Clean cassette

 Clean 9 speed chain

 Chain cleaner contraption

The 'chain cleaner contraption' has a clip that you unfasten to remove the lid, and then you just lay the still mounted chain on the open top, then replace the lid.  I use WD-40 in the 'contraption' to de-gunk the chain, and it works pretty well.  I spin the cranks in reverse to move the chain through the 'chain cleaner contraption'......it takes about three times through the 'cleaner' to get the chain clean.

I methodically worked through each bike with 50's music playing in the background......by the time I finished the Intense, Cannondale Bad Boy and Cannondale F-600 almost 4 hours had melted into the ether, but it seemed like much less, and that is as it should be when you are doing something you enjoy.

Around 6 pm I got out the BBQ and prepared to grill hamburgers for our community dinner with Tom and Darlene......other than our first night here we have been eating dinner with To and Darlene every night.

First Saturday (Monday) was another movie night (Tom has quite a collection of recent movies on his hard drive that we have not yet seen) and the movie we chose to watch was 'Maze Runner' which had an intriguing premise, but the ending left me totally cold.  All that being said, there are four books in this series, and there is to be a sequel which will be released later this year, so we'll see how it progresses.  If they left it where the movie ended that would be so uncool.

Rain had been forecast by the weather 'guessers' for mid day, but it finally came around 8 pm....when we exited the front door of Tom and Darlene's home to walk back to the coach it was sprinkling gently, and it continued to rain most of the night....a perfect way to end first Saturday.....just as it should be....

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  1. Hi Clark,
    I don't know how far East you are headed, but look up "Bud's Bikes" ministry on Google. I imagine they may want to continue it even after the tragic passing of Mr. Runion and his wife, and would be glad of expert help like yours if you are traveling through the area. Here is one article: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/runions-were-the-epitome-of-perfect-neighbors/njyXp/

    1. Not going to get that far east this time around.


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