Monday, January 12, 2015

Rain check.....

Sunday did not turn out as planned, or expected, but that is the nature of life.   I love the age old adage "life happens while you are making plans", or something to that effect.  We are in SoCal where it rarely rains the past 3 years, but Saturday night, and Sunday morning it did, indeed, rain just as forecast.  We had 'planned' to start our mountain bike ride near Mt. Baldy Village which sits at 4,193 feet above sea level, but with low temperatures the odds were it would be snowing there, and raining at the lower elevations of our ride.  This is a 'one way' ride, meaning we would have been shuttled up to Mt. Baldy Village and dropped off to ride the 20+ miles of downhill over fire roads and single track back to our cars in La Verne, CA.  Doing so in the snow and rain is not my idea of fun, plus I have done the snow thing, and I know from first hand experience that riding a mountain bike while it is snowing is not only 'not fun', but dangerous.  All that being said we are all adults, and know our limits, so we all decided it was not a day to ride.....there will be other days.

We slept in to almost 9 am, which is not our norm......especially not my norm......but laying there hearing the rain pitter patter on the riveted aircraft aluminum roof of our coach hour upon hour was just so sweet, and it was nice to know that I didn't need to get up at 5:30 am in order to be at the pick up spot at 8 am for the shuttle which would take us up to Mt. Baldy Village.  Instead we settled in for a day of NFL football divisional playoff games with a little reading thrown in for good measure.

Both games were close with Green Bay winning out over Dallas by 5 points, and Indianapolis over Denver by 11.  Neither game came out the way I expected (hoped), but they were both competitive games, which is all I can really ask.

The weather outlook for our location looks really good for the next week leading up to our scheduled departure date of January 19th.  I've got a few projects to finish up over the next week, including fitting into my gray pinstripe suite next Saturday for my daughter's wedding.  As always everything is written in 'Jello' and subject to change, but right now that is our intent, but we shall see what Lady Serendipity has in mind for us.

We had a lovely dinner with Kate, Nick and the kids before retiring back to our coach for the night around 7 pm.  Sunday didn't turn out the way I expected in any respect, but it was a good day nonetheless!

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