Saturday, January 31, 2015


The rain fell for about 22 continuous hours stretching from early evening Thursday until about 4 pm Saturday......if not for the stark landscape surrounding our courtesy parking location I could not be faulted for momentarily thinking we were back on the Oregon coast in late October.  Usually when it rains out here in the desert the downpours drop an inch in a short period of time resulting in flash floods, and raging flood channels, but this was a gentle, steady rain that was eagerly soaked up by the local flora and fauna.

We spent the day indoors reading to the never ending pitter patter of rain while the rain water began to pool around our coach, and that was pretty much how Friday played out.

I got a message from Tom asking if we wanted to head back over to the Road Runner for their Fish Fry Friday to celebrate his son-in-law, Jon's 33rd birthday, and we answered in the affirmative.....of course!  We left around 5:15 with no rain, arriving just before 6 pm at the restaurant.

The birthday boy....Jon....seated at the head of the table

We were home by 8, just before the rains came once again, and it rained on and off all night, sometimes quite hard, finally stopping just before 7 am Saturday morning......the skies are beginning to clear.....maybe we'll see the sun soon....

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