Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hangin' with the lady.....

Once it became clear to me that the earliest we could depart Riverside if the repair to the VW was finished by Noon, would be 1 pm I made an executive decision to just hang here in Riverside with Miss Serendipity (and TLE, of course) another day, and leave early Wednesday morning.  Besides all that I had a few things that needed my attention, and they would take the better part of the morning, if not into the afternoon to finish, so why put any artificial pressure on myself?

TLE opted to make one final run to the local TJ's* to stock up on wine and scotch, and I got out the awning mat we had hastily folded up Monday morning, while it was still damp and quite dirty, to clean it.  The concrete pads here in Rancho Jurupa are quite long.....almost 90 I just unfolded it on the pad in front of the coach, got out the hose, and did a thorough cleaning.  The sun was out from behind the bank of clouds that greeted us first thing in the morning by the time I finished, so I just let the sun do the drying.

Next up was to pour the two extra gallons of Delo 100 40 wt. oil left over from the oil change on Monday (it took 21 quarts.....7 refill the engine) into the oil reservoir which was down to a little over a gallon.  This reservoir is very handy, because when I do need to add oil to the DD 6V92 all I have to do it open a 'gate valve' on the reservoir and let the oil flow into the engine as needed.

Then it was time to rearrange a couple of things in the trailer so TLE could open the VW door more easily when she is egressing from the VW.  She is one skinny girl, but it appears I was asking too much of her......:-)

Around Noon I got a text from my mechanic that VW was ready for pick up, so we hopped in my daughter's extra car (Kate's Nissan Versa) that she had kindly dropped off at the RV park the night before so we could use it to fetch the VW when it was done.  We were there in 30 minutes, paid the damages, and then headed over to Rancho Cucamonga to say 'until next time' to our oldest son, Chris.  I was so glad I got to see him one more time, especially to talk with him about the Seahawk vs. Packer game Sunday.  That is one of the things I miss by being a full time nomad.  If there was a big game on the day before we would sit in his office and talk about it exhaustively the next day, or anything else going on in the world for that matter......I do miss that a lot.

Of course, being so close to a Rubio's we had to stop off for one more plate of their amazing fish tacos, so we did.  We were home by 2:30 to find the awning mat finally dry, so while I did a couple of things in the trailer, TLE put it away, then we inserted the VW into the trailer.....there is so much room in there once again....WOW!

We hope to be on the road early Wednesday, and on our way into Arizona.....thanks for stopping by!

*TJ's = Trader Joe's

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