Friday, January 30, 2015

Black gold.......Texas Tea......

Before I write about fourth Saturday (Thursday) I feel compelled to let you know we currently find ourselves in the middle of 16 straight hours of rain here in Wittmann, AZ.  Not complaining one the variety.......who wants sunshine every single day?

A month, or so, ago a fellow Newell owner posted on our user group site ( that he had three 5 gallon buckets of unused, never opened Delo 100 40wt oil for sale at $200.  I just paid $224 for 8 gallons of this oil when I had my oil changed 11 days ago.  To be able to get 15 gallons for $200 sounded like a good deal to me.  The catch, if you could call it a catch, was we had to pick it up in Prescott, AZ.  Well, we knew we were going to be spending a few weeks in Wittmann, and it is only an 88 mile drive up to Prescott so we decided to take Brian up on his offer, and Thursday was the agreed upon day to exchange dinero for oil.

 The Delo 100

We departed Wittmann around 10 am for the drive up to Prescott.....we have never been to Prescott previously, so this was a great opportunity to visit this community we have heard much about, and get a small taste of it, which, in turn, may lead us to return in the future for a longer stay.  We arrived at Brian's home a little after 11:30, picked up the oil, and were headed to Old Town Prescott before Noon.

  Old Town Prescott....right across from the 115 year old courthouse


While I drove, TLE checked Yelp for local dining opportunities and settled in on a 'hot dog' place called Nastee Dogs on S. Montezuma St......just a block from the old courthouse.

Yelp gives them 4.5 stars on just 15 reviews, but they have only been in business 3 months so that is pretty good.  We would heartily agree with that rating.  They make everything on site (buns, bacon, hot dogs....everything except two or three dairy products).  We would definitely eat there again.

There was a Salvation Army directly across the street from Nastee Dogs so we took a walk around the courthouse before ending up there to browse.  TLE came away with a sleeveless shirt she could not live without for $1.00, but I found nothing.  Then we stopped off at another thrift store on HWY 69 on our way back down to I-17, but once again came away empty handed.....then we, as an after thought, stopped off at Hope's Attic to see what they had....well, we hit the jackpot!  I came away with 16 golf balls for $2, 8 whiffle golf balls for practice for $1, and a very cool Gary Player suede jacket for $3.50.  I have been looking for a dressy jacket for a while, and when I saw this barely worn jacket I jumped on it for the tag price of $6.99.....when we checked out I found out all clothing was 50% off this day, hence the $3.50 final!  TLE found a few paperbacks to add to her burgeoning collection......

 We arrived home around 4:30........just ahead of the forecast 5 the rain was coming down steadily, which continued all night long, and continues Friday as I write at 11 am.

Since we have arrived in Arizona our TV 'prime time' now starts at 9 pm since we are still on the west coast feed from DirecTV, so we watched 'Elementary' at 11 pm, and were in bed by midnight listening to the sound of rain on the roof.......sweet!

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  1. I am surprised you didn't try the Prescott Brewing Company. A good friend of mine is the Public Library Director there in Prescott and he has taken me there numerous times. Good food and great brew. --Dave (

  2. Normally I would have opted for that, but it was an hour and a half drive home. It would have been difficult to properly sample their brews with the 100 mile drive to time.

  3. We just put down a deposit on 10 acres about an hour from Prescott. Am looking forward to exploring the surrounding area, including Prescott!


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