Monday, January 5, 2015


The picture below pretty much summed up our Sunday......lots of sun, and warming temperatures........a very SoCal day, and it was nice to see the 'Sun' back in Sunday.......

The view eastward from the summit

TLE's Sunday involved attending our daughter's bridal shower, and mine involved getting back into an exercise routine.  After cleaning up the interior of the trailer so there was room for my workout I went through my routine, then got dressed for another 10 mile bike ride to the top of Mt. Rubidoux, and around Fairmont Park.  When I left at 11 am it was still in the 50's, so I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, vest and leggings.  I'm always concerned about overdressing, because next to being too cold I really hate being too hot when I'm riding. Usually if it's really cold my body eventually gets up to 'operating temperature' and the cold doesn't bother me anymore, but if I'm too hot while riding I'm my goal is always to be just a little bit under dressed for the temperature and it usually works out pretty well, just as it did Sunday.

Of course, Sunday was the second day of the NFL playoffs, and I was hoping for some good games, but the early game between the Bengals and Colts was not very close, but the afternoon game between the Cowboys and Lions was a very good game, even though it was marred by a poor referee call near the end of the game.  A flag had been thrown for pass interference about half way through the fourth quarter which would have given the Lions a first down on the Cowboys' 22 yard line.....certainly it was likely the Lions would have scored at least a field goal from that position making it a six point game with 8 minutes to go.  The replay showed it was pass interference, but inexplicably the referee 'picked up the flag', meaning the penalty was nullified making it 4th down and 1 yard to go.....the Lions ultimately punted.....a very poor punt, by the way......and the Cowboys ultimately marched down the field scoring a touchdown and winning the game by 4 points.  When I was a professional soccer referee one of my goals for each game I officiated was not to be the story after the game.  Unfortunately, as I sit here writing today's blog entry that referee has become the story, and I feel for him.

TLE was home by '4ish' with reports of a wonderful bridal shower for Sharon, and judging by the many pictures posted by those attending it looks like it was.  We read for a while, and then watched 'Resurrection' and 'CSI' before going to bed.

Sharon, Kate & Mere at the shower

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