Saturday, January 4, 2020

12 weeks left......

6:35 am - Saturday - January 4th - Ramona, CA - 34° F, 92% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east by northeast.......why am I up so early on a Saturday?  Why?  Oh well, I'm up so I might as well get on with it.......the forecast high for today is 70° delicious Fahrenheit degrees with clear, blue skies.

Unlike Thursday morning when we had a very heavy dew with frost, Friday morning was dry as a bone and you already feel the warmth of the impending day in the air.  As of Friday we have just 12 weeks and 6 paydays left before we begin to roll our wheels once again.  When it is time to leave RORVR it will be very hard as we have enjoyed this job more than any of our previous jobs, and that is saying quite a lot.  On the other hand we have not had the Newell out on the open road since we arrived on April 25th, and that is a record that begs to be interrupted.

Being Friday meant it was our short day (9 am - 1 pm).  Since Dave was working on the floor in one of the pool restrooms he took care of the pool, so after opening the barn, and raking the horseshoe pits I headed directly to the maintenance building to begin scraping the old, flaky paint off of the two planks I removed from bench #3 the day prior......

 Paint residue from bench #3.........two more 
planks almost ready to paint.....⤵

......I had the Sam Cooke channel playing on Pandora in the background while I scraped away.....the time just seems to melt away when I am working to music played at the appropriate volume.  By 11:30 am I had finished scraping and sanding the planks, so put on the first coat of paint, and then drove down to the dam to do some touch up on bench #2, and then prepare the metal base for bench #3 by scraping all the old paint off, sanding the pipes, and then spraying on some Rustoleum primer.  By the time I finished with the metal base it was fast approaching 1 pm, and the end of our short Friday.

I picked TLE up from the office and we were home a little after 1 pm, quickly settling into our 2.5 days off work.  After eating some lunch I put on my MTB clothes and headed up to the trailer to take another ride on the RORVR fire roads.  It was a perfect afternoon to get in a few laps, but first I needed to put a bunch of stuff away that had been accumulating over the past couple of weeks on my work bench.  Once that was done I headed out for my ride.  In all I covered about 3 miles before I put the Haibike SDURO away, and headed home....a perfect way to end the 3rd day of the new year.

We watched a 3 hour edition of 'Gold Rush', and then another Hallmark Xmas movie before calling it a is good.....thanks for stopping by!

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