Sunday, January 26, 2020

The re-position.......

7:58 am - Sunday - January 26th - Riverside, CA - 49° F, 97% humidity, wind - CALM.....foggy, and cool this morning with a forecast high today of 67° F.  The new view this morning........↴

Riverside Elks Lodge
We were up and at them Saturday morning, moving day, by 6 am.  Our goal was to be exiting through the RORVR entrance by 9 am.  Between 6 am and 9 am there were a number of things which must be my daily blog post, tow our 2007 American trailer down to the office parking area, disconnect the Newell from water, electric and sewer, then turn over the big Detroit Diesel 6v92 and drive it down to the same parking area, drop the trailer on the hitch, and insert the VW for the first time since April 25, 2019.  Once the blog was done I got dressed and began towing the trailer......

....after dropping the trailer at the office I returned the Kubota to the tractor shelter, picked up my golf cart for the final time, and drove back to the Newell to disconnect her umbilical cord.  It took less than 15 minutes, and soon the 6v92 roared to life, and I began to roll her wheels...... 8:30 am we had dropped the trailer on the Newell hitch, and then inserted the VW, and were ready to go......well, not so fast there we always do TLE went to the rear of the trailer to do a light make sure the turn signals and brake lights are working.  I got the 'thumbs up' from TLE on the right and left turn signal, but 'thumbs down' on the brake lights......wait, what?  I has always been the turn signals that would be a little flaky, which is rare, but never the brake lights.  Thankfully, the brake lights on the Newell were working, so the problem had to be where the 7 pin male plug from the trailer connects to the 7 pin female receptacle on the Newell.  Thinking it was just dirty contacts (the mail plug has been hanging out in the elements for 9 months) I unplugged and then plugged it back in several times....still no brake lights.  Well, I would rather not have brake lights, than turn signals, especially on the Interstate, as lane changes occur frequently and people behind you have to know your intentions.  Without brake lights I decided to activate the flashers each time we had to slow down, or stop, hoping the brake lights would begin to work at some point.  

We took a few minutes to say our "until next times" to Rich, Marnie, Dave and Jo, and were off a little after 9 am and on our way eastward on Highway 78, then Highway 67 to I-15 where we would turn north toward Riverside, CA.  The Newell ran smooth as butter after being dormant for these past 9 fact, it ran so well it was almost scary.  

Within 45 minutes we were merging onto northbound I-15, and as often the case, changing lanes frequently as lanes were added, and taken away through Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Escondido.  Once we passed the Highway 78 junction we pretty much stayed in the same lane all the way through Temecula where we left I-15 to I-215.  To say that the 111 mile drive to Riverside was just uneventful would be true, but would also be a gross understatement. It was delightful, and exhilarating to be moving again!  As I always do I turned to TLE as we merged onto I-15 and said what I always say on such occasions...."It's good to be moving again" to which she replied, as she always does, "Yeah".

We arrived at our destination for the next 9 days, the Riverside Elks Lodge, around 12:15 pm.  Saturday traffic, as I had hoped, was light.  The Newell just floated down the highway, and all I did was hang onto the steering wheel and enjoy the drive......

 There are four 15 amp outlets for use by Elks members at a cost of $10/day

.....we were the only RV in the parking lot when we arrived.  We parked the Newell with the passenger side facing the fence for privacy, and to keep the sun off that side.  We didn't even deploy any of the awnings....we just opened all the windows and enjoyed the warm Riverside air.  As it turned out the brake lights did begin to work at some point in the 111 miles we traversed, because when TLE went back to check after we arrived she gave me a 'thumbs up'.....yay for our team!

Our main reason for leaving RORVR so early Saturday was the 1 year birthday party for our grandson, Crosby, was at 1 pm, so we had to hustle after arriving in Riverside.  We arrived at the home of my son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Laila, around 1:15 pm to find the party in full swing replete with a 'jumper' for the numerous small children.  We had a wonderful time hugging and talking with our kids, the in-laws, and their many friends.  By 3 pm the all the prep work of the past few days had caught up with us and it was time to say our until next times and head for the barn.

For the first time in months I caught the sunset before it disappeared behind the local hills, and it lasted for about 20 minutes...... is good, and thank you for stopping by!

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