Sunday, January 19, 2020

Yes, no, yes.....

7:34 am - Sunday - January 19th - Ramona, CA - 58° F, 22% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the east by northeast.......clear, blue, warmish skies.....hasn't been 58° F this time of day in a long, long time. The forecast high today is 74° F.

I want to make it clear after yesterday's post that we are leaving RORVR on good terms with the owners, and with our fellow workers.  Sometimes the business model changes, and you just have to go with the flow.  Once we had wrapped our minds around this unexpected change we are moving forward once again, and are actually quite excited about the next two months.

There was a little bit of drama for TLE and I first thing Saturday.  We were advised by Rich and Marnie that the other couple (Dave and Jo), who are staying, requested a letter from the owners guarantying them their jobs through their exit date of 5/2/2020.  If the owners would not provide that assurance in writing they would be leaving immediately for another job opportunity.  So, for a few hours Saturday morning it looked like we could possibly be staying......just when we had formulated a plan it seemed that things were reverting back to status quo, but in the end the owners agreed to issue the letter.....kind of like 'Yes, you're leaving, No you're not leaving, Yes, you are leaving....for real.

I spent the better part of the day continuing what I had been doing Friday......repainting the bunk beds frame in Cabin #34.  It took me until after 2:30 pm to finish the second coat of paint, and to reassemble the ladder and safety rails.

I spent the last 90 minutes of my day checking the new artificial turf we had installed at hole had rained Thursday, so it needs to dry out again before we can finish attaching the final three pieces.  By 3 pm it was well on its way to being dry.....should be good to go by Monday.  I added 4,000 gallons to the water tank to put it within 1,000 gallons of being full.  I checked the creek bench path and bench, as well as the pond trail and bench to be sure all was well, and actually found a family enjoying the view at the pond bench......perfect!

TLE and I were home a little after 4 pm, and in full planning mode for our RORVR* exit next Saturday, including filing our applications for unemployment. We spent the evening watching an original series on Netflix called 'Outlander' rated at 4 stars by IMDB.  There are 16 episodes in Season 1, and I believe there are currently 4, or 5 season available on Netflix.  We are through episode 14.  The story line is time travel, and is quite intriguing.....we agree with the IMDB raing, but be warned there is a lot of violence, and nudity.

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*Ramona Oaks RV Resort

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