Friday, January 24, 2020

Then there was one.......

6:40 am - Friday - January 24th - Ramona, CA - 38° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM......a few clouds today with a forecast high of 72° F.

Just when you think things will never change the truck arrived Thursday morning that would haul away the CONEX that has been in our storage yard since before we arrived in April.  The electrical contractors finished their work back in November, and we were told the CONEX would be hauled away in late November, or early December.  At any rate it is now gone....

 More storage space to rent now

.....once the CONEX was loaded I headed down to do the pool chores, then down to the office to pickup TLE and head to hole #9 at the golf course to finish gluing down the last three pieces of artificial turf....

  C'est is finished took us less than an hour to finish the job.  I wish we had time and materials for another hole now that we know what we are doing!

After that I was out of things to do for the day so I worked on a short video revisiting some of the projects I worked upon the past 9 months.....enjoy.......

RORVR projects review

.......once the video was a wrap I picked up TLE at 2 pm, and we both headed home to do some more prep work for our departure on Saturday morning.  The trailer is ready for VW insertion Saturday morning.  All that remains is to move the remaining unstowed stuff to the front of the trailer, and then haul our folded artificial turf inside......

Haven't opened the back of the trailer since April 25th

......after finishing with the trailer TLE and I hauled the turf out from under the awning, flipped it over to get the underside dry before insertion, then I cleaned the front windshield, mirrors, and side windows of the cab area, the moved to the back of the Newell to clean it.  I was wiping off the license plate when I suddenly realized I did not have my 2020 tags.  I could have sworn, and actually did, that I had paid the registration renewal.  I usually install the tags as soon as I receive them.  I could not even find the renewal notice which I usually keep in my letter holder until the tags arrive.  I began to doubt I had paid the renewal which was due 11/2/2019.....almost 3 months ago.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to pay a big penalty to get the new tags.  I check to see if there are any auto registration renewal places in Ramona so I can get this taken care of post haste, and find Alice's Vehicle Registration on Main Street in Ramona....about 6 miles away.  It is only 3:30 pm at this time so they are still open.....I grab my wallet, jump in VW and head into town.  I hand over last year's registration to the nice lady who in just seconds informs me I did pay the renewal back in big penalty.  Since I never got the renewal tag I had to pay $20 for a new one....minor inconvenience, right?!  I was back in the VW headed back to RORVR where I arrived shortly after 4 pm.  So happy I chose to clean the rear of the Newell when I did, otherwise I would be driving on Saturday with expired tags.

Within 50 minutes the sun had set on our final Thursday living and working at RORVR.....just one more day, Friday, until we roll our wheels to the new, and unexpected.

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  1. On the road again.....

  2. Thanks for doing the was cool to have a visual with so many of the things you posted about......You did so much to that park to clean it up and make things nice and organized again. I hope those who come after you keep things in shape and and organized. Safe Travels 😁

    1. Thank you Sherry! Arrived safely in Riverside this afternoon.