Friday, January 3, 2020

Monday, or Thursday?

7:02 am - Friday - January 3rd - Ramona, CA - 38° F, 76% humidity, wind - CALM......clear and chilly this morning with a forecast high today of 70° F.

Whenever we have days off in the middle of the week the first day back feels more like a Monday, than say a Thursday, and that is how Thursday felt this week.  The horseshoe pits were not used over the New Years holiday, and the mini golf was lightly used, so all that remained of my normal morning duties was to check the pool, run the tests and then get back to what I was doing Tuesday.....painting the benches at the dam end of the pond.

When I left off Tuesday I had finished scrapping the paint off the wood planks for bench #2, and put one coat of paint on them, so it was time for coat #2, and then down to the dam to prepare the metal base by scraping the paint off, then sanding them before applying a coat of Rustoleum gray primer. Additionally, instead of disposing of the rusty carriage bolts used to affix the planks to the metal base as I did on the first bench, I decided to use the bench grinder (has a wire brush wheel) to see if they could be cleaned and used again.  Just as I had hoped the wire brush wheel removed all the rust and paint revealing a rust free, shinny bolt, so I cleaned all eight of them.

By the time I finished prepping the metal base, and cleaned up the bolts it was time to finish the planks, put a coat of paint on the metal base and then reinstall the planks.  All of the preceding is easy to describe, but takes time.  While I was waiting for the paint to finish drying on the metal base I proceeded to dismantle bench #3, and take the planks up to the maintenance building to begin scraping the paint off them, as well as clean up the 8 bolts for that bench.  

As 3 pm approached I had cleaned up the 8 bolts, and finished scraping paint off the first plank of bench #3 I decided to head down to the dam with the painted planks for #2 and reassemble it before my day ended.  It took me most of the remaining hour to get it assembled, and just as my watch read 4 pm I was done and heading back to the office to turn in my 2-way radio to be recharged for another work day.  As has been the case for the last few weeks I began and ended my day wearing my hooded work sweatshirt as the temperature drops quickly after 3 pm.

As of this Friday we have just 12 weeks left in our tenure here at does not seem possible that as I write we are finishing the first week of our 9th month in residence.  It seems every time I look up it is Friday, and another week is fading away in the rear view mirror.

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