Thursday, January 9, 2020

Where does the time go?

6:50 am - Thursday - January 9th - Ramona, CA - 48° F, 86% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the south by southeast......cloudy today with a forecast of rain.

Whenever I reach the end of a project I get excited, but also a little sad.....I've invested a lot of time and energy restoring these benches to their former grandeur, and have thoroughly enjoyed the process.  With the completion of bench #4 at the pond dam I will have restored 5 of these benches in total.....the first one was at the creek path down by site #32.  Back then I did not scrape the metal base down to the bare metal, but just lightly sanded the base before applying paint.  Now I do scrape them down to the bare metal, sand them, apply a gray Rustoleum primer, then paint them......they look much better.  So, after applying another coat of paint to the planks I headed down to the dam to prepare the metal base....... it was time to apply a coat of gray Rustoleum primer.........

All primed and ready for paint

......then it was back to the maintenance building to apply another coat of paint.  While the paint brush was still full of paint I headed back down to the dam to do a little touch up on the other three benches.

While all that was drying I grabbed the hand blower and headed up to the mini golf course to blow off the debris which had collected from the recent Santa Ana event on Monday and Tuesday.  By the time I finished it was lunch time.

After lunch I retrieved a hacksaw from the tool shed and headed back to bench #1 at the dam.  When I reinstalled the planks I used new carriage bolts, and noticed they were sticking out the back of the back rest quite a ways. I was concerned that someone walking behind the bend might a body part on one of those bolts and injure themselves so I cut about an inch off each bolt.

I have rarely worked a workamper job where the time seems to melt away each day so quickly.  I rarely ever look at my watch, and I never feel like I have worked 7 feels more like 3-4 hours.  I like, and respect everyone with whom I work, and I love the facility.  It is just a great place to live and work.

After applying some more paint to the planks I grabbed a leaf rake and headed down to the dam to rake it from end to end.  Usually we blow the leaves off the surface, and occasionally Alika and I have taken a weed wacker down there, but since I have been here I don't think it has been raked.  There is just something about a raked dirt surface that makes it look more inviting.  By the time I finished raking, and then hauling the leaves up to our compost pile in the storage yard it was closing in on 4 pm once again....where does the time go?  

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