Friday, January 10, 2020


6:44 am - Friday - January 10th - Ramona, CA - 34° F, 85% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear today with a forecast high of 64° F.

Thursday began slowly for me.  As I was driving my cart up to the pool I noticed that it was very sluggish going up the hill, and this was the beginning of the day after charging all night.  After doing the pool tests I headed back to the office area to check the water level in my six 6 volt batteries.  I had checked them just a month ago and they were fine, but what I found Thursday morning surprised me......22 of the 24 cells (each battery has 4 cells) were low on water......WOW!  

Once I had the water levels up I plugged in my cart only to find another problem.....the charger does not appear to be working.  Rich's new cart has the same charging system mine does, so I borrowed his charger and plugged in my cart while I put a final coat of paint on the bench #4 planks hoping to be able to reinstall them later in the day if it wasn't raining.

From there I headed up to the tractor shed to retrieve our Kubota loader to take care of a few things.  A year, or two ago one of the former managers placed one of our picnic tables down below the dam on the far end near the highway apparently thinking people would use it, however, no one ever has.  Now that we have 'forks' for the loader it could be moved.  It was pretty easy work moving it to one of our sites near the pond.

Next I picked up a bucket full of gravel and took it back to the dam area to fill in some steps built long ago, but pretty much unused since last winter when the gravel was washed away during the torrential rains.....

......I dumped the load next to the steps, then shoveled the gravel into each step.....

   Looking much better with gravel back in the boxes

....once that was done I retrieved the bench planks from the maintenance building and moved them down to bench #4 to reinstall them.  It took me about 45 minutes, and then I was officially done with the dam bench project.....

Bench #4 is restored!

 You can see all four benches in this shot seems the duck population at the pond has exploded recently.  According to Rich there are about 100 ducks living in the pond area right now.

The Thursday forecast called for rain beginning at 8 am, but it never materialized.  We did have a slight drizzle for about 30 minutes mid afternoon, but otherwise it was just cloudy and cold (high was 52° F).  I never took my hooded sweatshirt off all day, but at least it did not rain!

TLE was off work at 2 pm Thursday....I always love when she gets off early because that usually means there will be a yummy dinner, and Thursday was no exception......we had steaming hot beef barley soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.....the perfect dinner considering the weather.

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