Wednesday, January 22, 2020

And then there were 3......

6:24 am - Wednesday - January 22nd - Ramona, CA - 45° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM......cloudy, cool today with a forecast high of 63° F.

This will be a short post as pretty much nothing happened Tuesday.  I used the Kubota front loader with the forks attachment to move a very old picnic table from Cabin #124 to the storage area to be dismantled, and then deliver a newer one to that site.  The rest of the day I worked on prepping and painting the bunk bed ladder in Cabin #65.  I spent time with Alika showing him how to take care of the horseshoe pits.

Around 2:30 pm I knocked off and spent the rest of my shift putting the finishing touches on the interior of the trailer, and by 4 pm had gone as far as I could go.  All that remains now is to take down our patio lights, fold up the popup dinning canopy, fold up the artificial turf and stow it in the trailer prior to VW insertion, put away the water and sewer hoses, and stow the window and patio awnings.

It was cold and drizzly most of the day, and I never took off my hooded sweatshirt, and even though the drizzling did stop later in the day, everything was quite wet as the sun set.  I'm hoping things will dry out enough by Thursday so TLE and I can finish the last part of Hole #9 at the mini golf course.

And that my friends is the sum total of our Tuesday.  My mind is still going 100 miles an hour regarding our impending repositioning north to the Rancho Cucamonga area for 9 days, and then out to the desert for the month of February.  Just 3 days until we roll our wheels!

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