Thursday, January 23, 2020

The long goodbye.......

6:38 am - Thursday - January 23rd - Ramona, CA - 37° F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, chilly.....forecast high for today is 74° F......ahhhh....back in the 70's!

As I have been driving around RORVR during the last few days doing my 'long goodbye tour' I see so many things upon which I have spent time working.....the split rail fencing renewal project, the horseshoe pits, the mini golf course, the creek path and bench, the pond path and bench, the 4 pond benches, the pool and playground areas, the area surrounding the Red Barn, the new Jacuzzi cover, the organizing of the tool shed, the 'backyard', the maintenance building, the cleaning of the two pump houses, and so many other things.  All that I see gives me a great deal of satisfaction, and reminds me why I have enjoyed working here so much.  The project which gives me the most pride and sense of accomplishment was the renewal of the split rail fencing which runs along the southern side of the park for just under a 1/4 mile.  

When we roll our wheels Saturday morning we will have been here at RORVR exactly 9 months.  We leave with smiles upon our regrets, and under good terms with the managers and owners.  We would have loved to finish our our term here through the end of March, but life is about the unexpected, about change, about what is next.  Life is about how you react to the unexpected, the change.  We are vagabonds at heart, and we have wheels on our home.....we expect change, and we look forward to the occasional visits Miss Serendipity pays us.....she has never disappointed.

I spent time Wednesday finishing the painting of the bunk beds in Cabin #65, and did some touch up on the bunk beds in #34, and #64, and then some more time up at the mini golf course doing some measuring on hole #5 to see if we have enough carpet left to replace the old....we don't.  Hole #9 should be dry enough Thursday to finish the last three carpet pieces, and then we are pretty much done here at RORVR.  Friday is our short day, and I'm pretty sure I will spend most of my time reminiscing, and saying good by to friends.

Near the end of my shift Wednesday I took down our popup dinning canopy, and the rope lights adoring it, I threw away a few more things from the trailer, and then opened up the spare tire well in the trailer and pulled everything out I have been storing there......there were things I forgot I possessed, and a few things, which I could not understand why I still had, made their way to the dumpster.  I think there were three flat screen TV bases in there from TV's that we have had mounted in the salon (we are on our 4th flat screen TV in 12 years), but have been gone for a long time point in keeping them, right?

At last TLE arrived home from the office, and we headed inside for the evening as the late afternoon temps plunged once again.  We are almost ready to roll.....just a hand full of things left to put away before Saturday morning.

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  1. 4th TV in 12 years? Did the others break or just get replaced? I'm curious.

  2. Good Luck and safe travels in your new adventure!

  3. Good Luck and safe travels in your new adventure!